Kevin Durant called out by Shannon Sharpe for lack of rebounds vs. Rockets

Kevin Durant called out by Shannon Sharpe for lack of rebounds vs. Rockets

The biggest difference in the Warriors' two wins versus their two losses against the Rockets in the second round of the NBA playoffs could simply come down to Houston's edge on the glass.

Overall, the Warriors are being out-rebounded by the Rockets, 172-161, in the first four games of the series. The Rockets have nine more defensive rebounds (129-120) than the Warriors, and two more offensive rebounds (43-41).

The battle of the boards really has made a huge difference. 

In the Warriors' two wins, they have 18 more rebounds (104-86) than the Rockets. But in the last two games of the series, both losses for the Dubs, the Rockets have 21 more rebounds (124-103) than the defending champions. 

Before Wednesday night's Game 5 at Oracle Arena, Shannon Sharpe is calling for urgency on the glass from Kevin Durant. 

"Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson should not be averaging more rebounds per game than Kevin Durant," Sharpe said Wednesday morning on FS1's Undisputed. "He's getting crushed on the boards." 

Durant is averaging 5.0 rebounds per game, which is slightly less than Thompson's 6.0 and Iguodala's 5.5. 

"He's better than a five rebound a game guy," Sharpe said. "He's better than that. Kevin Durant's gotta get in there. KD's gonna have to pick that up. He needs to be around eight, nine rebounds a game to keep the Rockets from getting so many second-chance opportunities."

Durant is averaging just 1.4 fewer rebounds per game in this series than he did during the regular season. Adding more rebounds per game to his stat sheet would look nice, but it's not that simple. 

As Steph Curry and Klay Thompson struggle to find their shooting stroke, Durant has had to carry the load on offense, and he's been nearly unstoppable. He's averaging 36.0 points per game while shooting 46 percent from the field and 48 percent from 3-point range. 

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The Warriors as a whole need to crash the boards better and limit the Rockets' second-chance opportunities. But as long as Durant keeps getting buckets like he is right now, his rebounding will be the least of the team's worries.

Why Mychal Thompson thinks Steph Curry will make 500 3-pointers this year

Why Mychal Thompson thinks Steph Curry will make 500 3-pointers this year

The Warriors' roster turnover this summer has been well-documented, but Mychal Thompson things it will bring out the best in Steph Curry next season.

Curry will have to adjust to life without Kevin Durant next season, after the star signed with the Brooklyn Nets in free agency. The two-time MVP also will miss Klay Thompson -- Mychal's son -- for much of the campaign as the Splash Brother recovers from a torn ACL. Because of that, the elder Thompson thinks Curry has the potential for a record-breaking season in 2019-20.

"Now, they're not going to be as good as they were last year -- and by the way, I predict Steph is going to have 500 3s this year without having to share the ball that much back in the backcourt with Klay," Mychal said Friday on SiriusXM NBA Radio. "So he's going to come back to his MVP form we saw two years ago."

Curry set the NBA's single-season record with 402 made 3-pointers en route to the first unanimous MVP in league history in 2015-16. He did so leading a historic Warriors team that went 73-9, and Klay finished second on Golden State that season with 276 made 3-pointers. 

Klay made 241 -- and attempted 599 -- triples last year, while Curry made 354 and attempted 810. Assuming Thompson returns after the All-Star break, there could be enough touches for Curry to shatter his own record. However, summer acquisition D'Angelo Russell made just seven fewer 3-pointers than Thompson last season. He probably will take fewer shots as the No. 2 option behind Curry to start the season, but Russell's presence probably lowers Curry's record-setting ceiling. 

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Curry unquestionably will have to carry a bigger load for as long as Klay's out next season. But when his son returns, Mychal thinks the Warriors will find themselves on the same level as other Western Conference contenders. 

"[Draymond Green] is motivated to have a great year because his contract year is coming up," the elder Thompson continued.  "So I think [Curry and Green] -- and with the addition of D'Angelo Russell and the other role players that they've signed -- I think they'll be right in the mix. Somewhere between a five [or] six seed until Klay comes back 100 percent, and then they'll be ready to make their move." 

Steph Curry reveals wild prank Warriors vet played on him as rookie

Steph Curry reveals wild prank Warriors vet played on him as rookie

Hazing happens in all walks of life, including the NBA.

Before Steph Curry became a two-time NBA MVP and three-time NBA champion, he was a rookie.

While in Lake Tahoe for the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament last week, he revealed the following story to Chris Simms of NBC Sports on "Unbuttoned":

"I had a vet when I was a rookie -- I had my phone, mind you I'm dating my now wife at the time and I'm going on a road trip so I need my phone obviously -- we had finished practice and we were headed to the airport, and he knew where my phone was.

"He knew I always put it in this little pocket in my backpack. So after practice, I go get in the shower and put my phone in there. I'm kind of late so I'm hustling. He knows after I get out the shower I'm probably not gonna grab my phone.

"Take my phone, locks it in his locker. I get all the way to the airport and realize I don't have my phone. I get off the plane in Oklahoma City, not only did he make me leave my phone at home so I had to go to the store to get another one, he sent me on basically a two-hour errand run to go get video games and snacks.

"This is before Uber or Lyft so I'm in the yellow cab and paying for everything. That's just a headache."

Who was the veteran -- Anthony Tolliver, Corey Maggette, Ronny Turiaf, Mikki Moore or Vladimir Radmanovic? Perhaps it was Devean George?

Unfortunately, Curry did not disclose that information.

We also don't know if it was the Dubs' first or second game in Oklahoma City that season.

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On Dec. 7, Curry registered 22 points, two assists, four steals and five turnovers in a 104-88 loss (Kevin Durant recorded 28 points, nine rebounds, four assists, three steals and six turnovers).

On Jan. 31, Curry contributed 14 points, five assists and five turnovers in a 112-104 loss (KD racked up 45 points and 11 rebounds).

That likely will remain a mystery, but what we do know is that NBA stars are just like us - pranks and all.

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