Kevin Durant didn't need a burner account to argue with this kid


Kevin Durant didn't need a burner account to argue with this kid

Kevin Durant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, a two-time NBA champion and a NBA MVP. He also finds time for some wild beefs online.

This time, Durant didn't need a burner account to get his point across on social media. 

The only problem -- he was argiung with a high school kid. Check out what angered the Warriors star and what he had to say: 

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Mychal Thompson doesn't see Klay Thompson joining Lakers in free agency

Mychal Thompson doesn't see Klay Thompson joining Lakers in free agency

You've probably heard that this summer will be a critical one for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers.

After falling flat on their face in Year 1 of the James era, the Purple and Gold will be doing anything in their power to sign another star this summer to team up with James.

The Lakers, however, probably shouldn't plan to try and court Klay Thompson.

Yes, the Warriors sharpshooting star would be the perfect fit alongside James, and his Southern California ties make him a likely summer target for Rob Pelinka and whoever takes over Magic Johnson's role. Also, Thompson's father, Mychal, is a former Laker and current radio broadcaster for the team, so some believe he could play a role in getting his son to leave the dynasty by the Bay in order to start a new one at Staples Center. 

But that line of thinking couldn't be further from the truth. While Mychal would love for his son to come home to LA someday, he won't try and pressure him to come help James and the Lakers.

“He’ll be happy here, he loves the good weather,” Mychal told Kyle Goon of The OC Register. “I always tell him when he’s retired, he’ll have another 40 years to spend here. He’s in no rush to get back.”

In fact, Thompson has already suggested his son move across the Bay to San Francisco to have better access to the Chase Center when it opens next season.

Of course, with the Lakers missing the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season, Mychal is hounded by fans about his son's upcoming free agency. But while the two-time NBA champion believes the Lakers will figure it out, he doesn't think it'll be because Klay comes to save the day.

“I can’t go anywhere,” Mychal said. “Ultimately it’s a compliment: Lakers fans want him to play here. But I don’t think that way. I think the Lakers are gonna be fine. I don’t see Klay coming out here as a savior.”

The Lakers appear to be running out of free agent options and it's only April.

Kevin Durant, should he choose to opt out of his contract and leave the Warriors, appears destined to head east and play for the New York Knicks, while the Los Angeles Clippers seem like the frontrunner to land Kawhi Leonard, While Kyrie Irving reportedly will give the Lakers a meeting, it seems unlikely that the star guard would opt to play alongside James again after he forced his way out of the star's shadow less than two years ago. 

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If the Lakers strike out on all of the top-tier stars, they'll be forced to choose between paying Jimmy Butler a king's ransom starting at age 29, and rolling over their cap space until 2020 when they can sign Anthony Davis, should he still want to come to Tinseltown. 

What's good news for the Warriors is bad news for the Lakers, as it appears, at least for now, that Klay will be staying in the Bay.

Andrew Bogut explains how becoming father changed his life perspective

Andrew Bogut explains how becoming father changed his life perspective

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Andrew Bogut and his wife have two kids. The oldest is about 2 1/2 years old, and the youngest is about 9 months old.

That means the big man wasn't a father during his first run with the Warriors, which ended in July 2016 when he was traded to Dallas.

“Having two kids totally changed his life,” Golden State coach Steve Kerr told Ethan Strauss of The Athletic. “He’s no longer a cynic. He’s just as smart and wise and fun.

"He’s always been a really good dude.”

Bogut agrees that being a father has changed his outlook on life.

“If you do lose or play bad, you get to go home to two kids who don’t give a s--t about it, so it’s a pretty cool thing," Bogut explained to The Athletic. "You can get home from whatever you’re doing, and when you’ve got two kids and one of them s--ts themselves, and you’ve got to change the diaper, you kind of forget about all the bad things you’re going through.”

Speaking as somebody who became a father three months ago, this is absolutely correct.

Bogut -- who started five games during the regular season -- jumped center in Games 3 and 4 of the NBA playoff series against the Clippers in place of the injured DeMarcus Cousins:
Game 3 = eight points, 14 rebounds, five assists, steal, block
Game 4 = eight points, 10 rebounds, four assists

He's helping on the court and in the locker room, where he's respected by all.

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“He’s still an a--hole, that ain't changed,” Kevon Looney told The Athletic, while smiling. “But he was always nice to his teammates, and he’s great to me. I say he’s probably the smartest, one of the smartest basketball players I ever played with.

"Him and Andre [Iguodala] and Draymond [Green], IQ level is crazy.”

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