KD excited to be back with Draymond, Kerr in Tokyo Olympics

Draymond Green Steve Kerr Kevin Durant

Time is a healer, and familiarity goes a long way in a foreign land. 

That seems to be how Kevin Durant and his business partner Rich Kleinman are feeling right now.

Durant is back with Team USA this summer for the Olympics, and is genuinely excited to play in Tokyo for the first time and to team up with a handful of new faces. It also sounds like he's looking forward to reuniting with his former Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who is an assistant on Gregg Popovich's staff, and Golden State forward Draymond Green. 

"You know what I think is going to be fun? Seeing Steve Kerr and Draymond," Kleinman said to Durant on the Out of Office podcast. "I always feel like when you leave a situation and then you get back and see people, familiarity is always the best time. Period." 

Durant was on the same page.

"Yeah, especially in that environment," Durant responded. "It's gonna be a lot of first-time guys, so the experience is gonna be new to a lot of guys. But Steve been there, Draymond been there, I been there and we worked together already. And it's gonna be fun just doing work with them again.

"We went through a lot, we experienced a lot, we learned a lot together. That should be fun." 

Durant's three-year run with the Warriors is one of the greatest in NBA history. All his skills were on display, showing he's a true one of one. 


The Warriors reached the NBA Finals all three seasons Durant played for Golden State, winning the championship the first two seasons before he and Klay Thompson went down to injury in his third and last season with them. He also put up historic numbers against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, winning back-to-back Finals MVPs.

Kerr always has spoken incredibly high of Durant's game. After Durant dominated for the Brooklyn Nets in losing fashion to the Milwaukee Bucks, the Warriors coach made headline by calling KD a "more gifted" player than Michael Jordan. 

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"I think he's more gifted, I really do," Kerr said to NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai. "That's saying something, but Kevin is a different ... entirely different breed. He's 6-11 with guard skills, unlimited 3-point range, passing, shot-blocking -- his shot-blocking at the rim, it's just stunning."

Durant, Kerr and Draymond of course had their ups and downs together. When it's all said down, though, those Warriors teams will go down in NBA history, and it will be more than fun watching the three pair up together again in Tokyo.

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