Kevin Durant explains why he got combative with the media last week


Kevin Durant explains why he got combative with the media last week

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The Warriors beat the Pacers in Indiana on Jan. 28.

Earlier that day, Kevin Durant spoke to reporters after shootaround. It was the last time he met with the media until after the Warriors crushed the Spurs on Feb. 6.

That night, he voiced his frustration with the continuing speculation about his future. Where did that come from?

"When you have beat writers that come into practice and the games, you build relationships with these guys in person," Durant explained Monday morning on ESPN's show Get Up! "Just wanted to let them know how I approach the game as a player, knowing that I have to talk to media.

"If I get the opportunity to talk to media, I want to give the fans my perspective about the game, not about business -- stuff that I can't control at this point. So I was just letting them know what I want to talk about when I come into practice or before shootaround or after a game."

In his comments following the win over San Antonio, Durant chose to single out The Athletic's Ethan Strauss -- who published an article the night of Feb. 5, which included passages such as:

Let us be frank, with the caveat that the choice lives inside the head of one guy who can and does change his mind: Insiders around the league think Kevin Durant is leaving the Warriors for the Knicks. Most people within the Warriors either think Durant is leaving or profess not to know one way or the other.


Sources say that Durant believed his besting of LeBron James in the 2017 Finals would get him hailed as the game’s top player, a mantle he’s craved for some time.

Then, the next Finals unfolded in much the same way, with much the same result, all while Warriors fans cheered loudest for the smaller MVP’s baskets.

Durant clearly felt compelled to break his silence because of this article. But why the silence in the first place? The narrative was that he didn't want to answer any potential questions about the Kristaps Porzingis deal and/or Anthony Davis' trade request and/or Kyrie Irving walking back his long-term commitment to the Celtics.

As KD said following the win over San Antonio, he simply "didn't feel like talking the last couple days."

On Monday, the reigning two-time Finals MVP said his message was aimed at local media, not national outlets or reporters who encounter Durant when the Warriors are on the road.

"They're around you every single day, and they see the pattern of who you are as a human and as a basketball player," KD said. "So I just want guys to be truthful, especially if they're gonna walk up to me in the locker room after games and then go behind my back and write stuff like that. At least come talk to me.

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"But it was good to get that off my chest and let everybody know in the building -- if you're covering the team -- what I'm about. And I think everybody understands and we're moving forward from it."

Durant spoke after Golden State victories over the Suns and Heat, and it appears things have calmed down.

But the noise is bound to pick back up again soon.

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Barack Obama spends President's Day at Ayesha Curry's restaurant

Barack Obama spends President's Day at Ayesha Curry's restaurant

Where were you on President's Day this year?

If you're Barack Obama, you were in San Francisco seen at Ayesha Curry's restaurant, International Smoke. 

Celebrity chef Michael Mina shared a picture on Instagram of himself with Obama, plus Steph and Ayesha at the restaurant.

The 44th President of the United States and wasn't the only celebrity there on Monday night, too. Mina also posted a picture of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen as well.

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Obama is in town for a three-day national convention in Oakland, hosted by his foundation, My Brother's Keeper Alliance. Curry will be joining him at a town hall as part of the conference.

Curry and the Warriors spent time with Obama in Washington, D.C., before their game against the Wizards in late January, thanks to a players-only meeting set up by Curry.

Steph Curry sneaks in odd phrases at All-Star Weekend for Jimmy Fallon

Steph Curry sneaks in odd phrases at All-Star Weekend for Jimmy Fallon

Steph Curry is a pretty good sport.

Before the Warriors star took off to NBA All-Star Weekend, Late Night host Jimmy Fallon asked Curry to sneak a few phrases into his media interviews throughout the weekend.

Fallon revealed the bit during Monday night's episode of "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

Curry snuck in the phrases "energizer bunny," "flippin' pancakes," and "Wham Bam Can of Ham" two times each, and nobody appeared to notice. 

Steph appeared to enjoy his experience with it all.

"Energizer bunny" and "flippin' pancakes" seemed pretty easy for the two-time MVP to mix into his interviews, but "Wham Bam Can of Ham?" What even is that?

Fallon himself had high praise for the three-time champ for agreeing to participate.

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Steph Curry, always one to keep us on our toes.