KD hilariously trolls Draymond vs. Rodman 1-on-1 matchup


The Draymond Green vs. Dennis Rodman debate continues, and this time Kevin Durant couldn’t help himself from weighing in. 

Durant joked that a 1-on-1 matchup between the two NBA stars would take six days to finish.

The epic trolling job from Durant was likely behind both players being more impactful on the defensive end of the court, and neither player being known to score much

Both defensive greats have often been compared to each other, both individually and of course on a broader team scale with the classic 1995-96 Chicago Bulls vs. 2017-18 Warriors comparison. 

Green’s coach Steve Kerr, who played with Rodman in Chicago from 1995-98, has previously compared and contrasted the two players as two guys who can control a game without scoring. 

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While we’ll probably never get to witness a real 1-on-1 matchup between Green and Rodman, it’s certainly still fun to think about. 

And Kevin Durant surely agrees. 

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