When discussing the JaVale McGee-Shaquille O'Neal beef and how he came to his teammate's defense, Kevin Durant let it be known he isn't a fan of former players clowning on the NBA's current players.

"Why is it a feud between the older generation and younger generation? It don't make no sense," Durant said on The Bill Simmons Podcast. "Sometimes when I get upset about, like these college kids, like 'I wouldn't do that.' I gotta realize it's a new day. Things are changing. People are changing.

"Stuff that I wouldn't have done, they're doing now."

Simmons then asked Durant: "What's the best criticism you've heard of yourself from the guys on TV?"

As Durant started to answer, his agent, Rich Kleiman, started to laugh and chimed in.

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"Yo. You know what's the best story, I'm not gonna name names ... tell him the story about how the player came up to you, and you were like, 'He kept it so real...'"

Durant: "Do you want me to say his name?"

Kleiman: "That's up to you guys."

Durant: "Out of his respect to him ... but he did kind of do some shady sh*t to me."

Durant then shared the following story:

"We played in Vancouver, first game in a Warriors uniform. And I see James Worthy walking out as I was leaving the game ... it's a legend here. 'Big Game James.' I didn't get to see him play but I just know all about him ... I'm a little skeptical at this point to even talk to anybody from the generation before because I don't even know how they feel about me as a person, as a player because these dudes -- they look at me as like, 'Oh you switching teams, you chasing this, you chasing that.' So I'm just gonna keep it moving.


"But he was like, 'Man. Don't worry about that stuff. People change jobs every single year, every single day. Don't worry about that. Just go out there and keep working and go win.' So I'm like, 'Man that's nice.'

"So I came back home that night and my boy Randy -- I was like, 'Man. James Worthy was cool. He showed me so much love. I appreciate that.' He (Randy) was like, 'Huh? He was talking so bad about you on TV. He was saying Magic wouldn't have done that. I wouldn't have done that...'

"Yo, stop selling out. Stop selling your brothers out. This is a fraternity. Stop selling us out ... stop doing that man, and then come in my face talking that nonsense. I was really fooled with him."