Kevin Durant ruled out for at least two weeks


Kevin Durant ruled out for at least two weeks

OAKLAND -- The Warriors will return to their relatively normal selves sometime early next month.

That’s at the very soonest, and assuming all goes well over the next three weeks.

Add Kevin Durant to the list of All-Stars who will miss significant time. The forward underwent an MRI test Friday that revealed “an incomplete rib cartilage fracture” that will keep him out of the lineup at least two weeks.

Durant, the team’s leading scorer at 26.6 points per game, joins No. 2 scorer Stephen Curry and No. 3 scorer Klay Thompson on the sideline. Curry will be out at least another week, Thompson closer to two weeks.

The upshot: The Warriors' slim chance of overtaking the Rockets for the No. 1 overall seed are fading toward invisibility.

With the playoffs four weeks away, Warriors coach Steve Kerr will spend the rest of this month juggling lineups and rotations with the limited available options.

The first replacement starter at small forward, Friday night against Sacramento, is Andre Iguodala. Kerr over the next couple weeks likely will try several options. Omri Casspi is another possibility, as well as Draymond Green getting some minutes at small forward. The decisions will be based mostly on matchups.

Durant, however, may be the ultimate NBA mismatch insofar as there is no other 6-foot-11 small forward with his broad skills and versatility.

“They said (I’ll be out) a couple weeks,” he said prior to tipoff against the Kings. “I’m just trying to get healthy. Just trying to make sure I’m out there and able to be me on the court.

“It’s not great, timing-wise, but it’s all about feeling better when I’m out there playing.”

Durant sustained the injury last Sunday in Minnesota, after taking an elbow to the ribs from Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns.

“I thought it was just a little contusion,” said Durant, who will not go on the upcoming road trip to Phoenix and San Antonio.

Durant played through the discomfort Wednesday night against the Lakers, leading the Warriors in scoring with 26 points. During that game, he went to close out and “felt something stretch and pull.”

After going through a light practice Thursday, pain intensified, leading to the MRI test and diagnosis.

“I wish we were out there hooping and using these days to get better and sharpening up our skills,” he said. “But that’s what happens when you play a contact sport. Stuff happens.

“It could have been worse for all three of us. But, luckily, it’s not.”

Watch Steph Curry's mother, Sonya, make underhanded half-court shot

Watch Steph Curry's mother, Sonya, make underhanded half-court shot

Shooting just runs in the Curry family, doesn’t it?

Sonya Curry, Warriors superstar Steph Curry’s mother, brought the house down when she sunk an underhanded half-court shot when the Curry family was back in Charlotte, N.C. for the NBA All-Star Game.

The Currys celebrated in style after her shot swished through the net.

Sonya’s shooting exploits were on display as part of an event the Stephen and Ayesha Curry Family foundation helped put together at the Carole Hoefner Center. The Curry family was there to raise the curtain on a large-scale renovation of the gym, which will help serve the community of Charlotte.

Sonya is quite the athlete herself, so her shooting marksmanship should come as no surprise. Sonya was a basketball star in high school and played volleyball at Virginia Tech University.

Of course, Sonya’s husband, Dell, and her two sons, Steph and Seth, have all reached the NBA.

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Seth, a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, will be competing against his older, more famous brother on Saturday night in the NBA 3-point contest.

Steph said earlier Friday that he’d beat his brother in the competition, and hinted that Dell also might have a role in the event.

But based on Sonya’s half-court shot, is it too late for her to get an invite to enter the contest as well?

Steph Curry, Seth get hilarious advice from Dell for NBA 3-Point Contest

Steph Curry, Seth get hilarious advice from Dell for NBA 3-Point Contest

Father knows best, right? 

When it comes from a 16-year NBA veteran, yes. Even if you are the two-time NBA MVP and three-time champ. 

Some advice is better than others, and it doesn't get much better than what Dell Curry said to his sons Steph and Seth about how to win the NBA 3-Point Contest. 

"My pops, his advice when he did it, was don't do what he did and go out the night before 'til the sun comes up," Steph said in an exclusive interview with NBC Sports Bay Area's Kelenna Azubuike. "He's like, 'the person that wants to win the most, is the one that's gonna go to bed the earliest and not go out the night before.' I appreciated that."

Dell only scored 12 points and was dropped in the first round of the 1994 3-Point Contest against Cleveland's Mark Price.

Steph has already predicted he'll beat Seth and win the event, so he better get some shut-eye. It sounds like there's going to a pretty expensive brotherly bet, too. 

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There's never been a better 3-point shooting family than the Currys. It should be a competitive contest with Steph and Seth, but either way, they'll probably do better than Dell ... if they stick to his advice.