Kevin Durant wants no part of drama, focused on Warriors' improvements

Kevin Durant wants no part of drama, focused on Warriors' improvements

HOUSTON -- As pitiful as the Warriors played Thursday night, Kevin Durant walked over to the area designated for postgame interviews and engaged in the gory details.

He was cordial and accommodating, spending a full two minutes carefully analyzing the game and crediting the Houston Rockets’ performance in walloping the Warriors 107-86 at Toyota Center.

But when questioned about his relationship with teammate Draymond Green, Durant’s face turned stony and his voice blunt.

“Don’t ask me about that again,” he said.

Durant said it as if he meant every single word, all six. Though he shared the court with Green all night, he clearly wants no part in extending the drama that surrounded them after their heated argument late in the game against the Clippers on Monday night.

Once that subject was squashed, Durant was back to himself, explaining how Houston’s switching, along with absence of Stephen Curry, had made it difficult for the Warriors to find good looks from beyond the arc.

They shot a season-worst 4 of 18 from deep.

“It’s going to be tough for us to get those quick 3-pointers that we usually get off our actions,” he said. “But I thought we did a solid job of taking what the defense gives us. We’ve just got to watch film and continue to keep growing.”

Keep growing. The same seems to apply to healing the damaged relationship between Durant and Green -- if that is possible at all.

Steph Curry blames LA Kings for slip on breakaway dunk vs. Lakers

Steph Curry blames LA Kings for slip on breakaway dunk vs. Lakers

For just one moment, Steph Curry showed he was human.

Late on the third quarter on Monday night, and with the Warriors firmly in control against the Lakers, Curry intercepted a pass and had an uncontested layup or dunk in front of him.

Then something weird happened. As he tried to plant his feet, Curry slipped and lost the ball. Andre Iguodala raced down, collected the ball and handed back to Curry, who airballed a 3-pointer. It was the ultimate blooper for one of the world's best basketball players.

A night after the embarrassing moment, Curry went on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and of course, the slip and airball came up.

"See what happened was," Curry said jokingly. "The LA Kings had a game right before us and they must not have put the floor back on top of the ice all the way, because there was a little wet spot and I slipped. in my head, I knew I was about to do something crazy, 360 dunk I've never done in my life. And it just didn't happen."

Actor Ron Funches, also a guest on the show, chimed in with a well-timed question.

"How does the ice explain the airball?" Funches asked.

Curry was left speechless.

"Touche," was all Curry could offer in response.

You can watch the whole exchange here:

How Mychal Thompson handled watching Klay score 44 points vs. Lakers

How Mychal Thompson handled watching Klay score 44 points vs. Lakers

Mychal Thompson was in a tough spot on Monday night.

His son, Klay, went off for 44 points and 10 3-pointers in the Warriors' 130-111 win over the Lakers.

Mychal just happens to be one of the Lakers radio broadcasters for 710 ESPNLA and had a front-row seat to Klay's insane night.

So how did Mychal handle calling the game while his son was putting on a show against the team he played for and now works for?

"Well, I handle it just like any other player, whether it's Steph [Curry] or [Damian] Lillard or if it's Paul George," Mychal said on Tuesday on 95.7 The Game. 'When they get into a zone, I just keep it simple and say they just gotta get to Klay or whichever player is hot and make sure you try to deny him the ball or try to get him off of his rhythm. Or I say, if a certain player is hot like Klay was last night, the team should continue to milk that player until he cools off.

"So, I just analyze it that way, whether it's Klay or any other player out there shooting the ball that well. Everybody knows he's my son and I pull for him, so I don't have to emphasize that. I just keep it straight, strictly business. If a guy is that hot, Klay or any player. Kyrie Irving, no matter who it is, you gotta find a way to keep giving him the ball, or if you're defending him, do something to get him out of his rhythm."

There have been rumors that Klay might be interested in joining the Lakers when he becomes a free agent this summer. That would make things easy on Mychal. But the former Lakers star has been quick to shoot down the idea that Klay would leave the Warriors and did so again on Tuesday.

"People think I’m exaggerating, he is in the perfect situation." Mychal said on 95.7 The Game. "You can’t ask for anything better than what the Warriors have now and going forward. So, there’s no reason to leave.”