Kevin Durant's agent responds to Draymond Green's comments on Warriors exit

Kevin Durant's agent responds to Draymond Green's comments on Warriors exit

Draymond Green wanted Kevin Durant to be open during his last season with the Warriors by letting his teammates know that it was their final run together.

Green thought it would have made things easier on everyone, removed many of the constant questions the team faced as Durant's future hung in the balance. Durant's agent, Rich Kleiman, doesn't agree with that line of thought, because, first and foremost, Durant really didn't know what he was going to do. You can't say what you don't know or else you risk becoming Kyrie Irving, who pledged to stay with the Boston Celtics only to do an about-face and join Durant with the Brooklyn Nets.

"Kevin and I haven’t spoken about [Draymond's comments] since that day," Kleiman told The Athletic's "Tampering" podcast. "I don’t necessarily agree with the [notion that] ‘He should have let us know’ because nothing is as black and white as that. It’s like you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. He didn’t know at certain times. You go back and forth on how you feel. Everybody does, like, throughout the course of a season. You gonna make a declaration on something when you really don’t know how you’re going to feel, you don’t know anything. Look what happened to him in the Finals. No one knows any of it.

"So just think about how that would have played into effect. Imagine if people said ‘Earlier in the year, Kevin said he’s not coming back’ and the way they would have been talking about it. All of that, when you really break it down, made no sense. And he really didn’t know."

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Durant's uncertain future during his final season with the Warriors left the door open for the dynasty to continue as the team transitioned to Chase Center. The uncertainty surrounding the Dubs' future came in stark contrast to the final season Michael Jordan spent with the Chicago Bulls when general manager Jerry Krause made it clear that would be Phil Jackson's last season and Jordan was adamant he wouldn't play for another coach.

Kleiman doesn't think Durant telling the Warriors it was his final season by the Bay would have made the ride less turbulent.

"Let’s say Kevin did say that at the beginning of the year, which, again, he didn’t know," Kleiman said. "But let’s say he did say that, how would that have been easier on anybody? It would have been question after question after question. Nothing would have went away. They had KD damn near signed on the Knicks already and I was going to be the GM already, so that was all untrue. You couldn’t avoid any of it anyway. So I don’t think it had anything to do with that."

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In the end, Durant elected to head for perceived greener pastures in Brooklyn, departing the Bay Area as a two-time champion, two-time NBA Finals MVP and an unquestioned Bay Area legend.

The ending was messy, but most dynasties don't end in confetti. There's nothing more Durant could have done.

Watch Steph Curry, Canelo Álvarez spar at celebrity golf tournament

Watch Steph Curry, Canelo Álvarez spar at celebrity golf tournament

Oh no! Steph Curry got in a sparring match.

Just kidding. But the Warriors superstar did have a fake fight with legendary boxer Canelo Álvarez while the two were waiting to play a practice round at the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe.

Canelo made Curry look the least athletic he probably has ever looked -- and that’s saying something. 

Canelo swiped from the left side at Steph and he couldn’t believe it. 

“You’re supposed to move, dude,” somebody shouted as Steph laughed. 

Canelo has just one loss across his career with 53 wins in 56 fights -- 36 of those wins by knockout. That’s probably why he’s dubbed the world’s best active boxer by BoxRec. 

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Glad it’s Steph and not me.

Don’t worry, nobody was hurt in the making of this Instagram story. 

Warriors 2020 NBA free agency targets: Five big men team could sign

Warriors 2020 NBA free agency targets: Five big men team could sign

The Warriors need to bolster their frontcourt this offseason.

They could do just that through the NBA draft, free agency or both.

Last week, Grant Liffmann listed some possible "under-the-radar" free-agents the front office could target. And Monte Poole, Kerith Burke, Liffmann and yours truly discussed those options this week on the latest "Warriors Roundtable."

It's very possible that general manager Bob Myers and his staff make it a priority to sign a player (or two) who is a threat from deep.

The plan was for Kevon Looney to add the 3-point shot to his game last year, but injuries derailed his season.

Marquese Chriss averaged 2.7 3-point attempts per game over his first two NBA seasons with the Phoenix Suns, but just shot 39 3s over 59 games with the Dubs in 2019-20 (he made eight).

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And Draymond Green -- who might end up playing more center in 2020-21 -- has not shot the ball consistently well from beyond the arc the last four regular seasons.

To see which big men the Warriors might be interested in adding this October, watch the full conversation above.

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