KD's funny one-word comment on Klay's workout post at Chase

KD Klay Warriors white

Klay Thompson on Tuesday afternoon posted pictures to Instagram of him going through a workout and putting up shots at Chase Center.

Kevin Durant weighed in with one word:

KD nailed it.

Back in early February, Steph explained to the media how it's great to have Klay with the Warriors on various road trips.

"He's over on the bench talking trash," Steph said. "Not a surprise. He just yells shortbread every time I miss a shot that hits the front rim.

"It's a pet peeve of mine as a shooter. He knows how to kind of rattle me on that one."

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You gotta love the heckling of one Splash Brother to another.

But ultimately, we all just want to see Steph and Klay playing alongside each other in an NBA game again.

That will be a special moment.

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