Kevin Durant's mother sends message to those who questioned his heart

Kevin Durant's mother sends message to those who questioned his heart

Never has a dark cloud of sad silence hovered so loudly over an epic win. 

The Warriors pulled off a stunning 106-105 victory over the Raptors in Game 5 of the NBA Finals to keep their season alive Monday night. That's far from what will be remembered from this night in Toronto, though. 

Kevin Durant, playing in his first game in over a month, went down with what is feared to be a torn Achilles tendon after playing just under 12 minutes. For those who wrongly questioned Durant's toughness while the Warriors played without him over the previous month, his mother, Wanda, has a message for you. 

Wanda Durant didn't pull a DeMarcus Cousins, but she did eloquently let her feelings be known. 

“Kevin Durant loves to play basketball, and the people that questioned whether he wanted to get back to this team were wrong," Warriors general manager Bob Myers tearfully said Monday night when addressing the media.

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Durant himself sent a message over Instagram that he's "hurting in the soul." The moment always will be remembered. As will those who ever doubted KD. 

NBA rumors: Warriors, non-Orlando teams could join bubble for training

NBA rumors: Warriors, non-Orlando teams could join bubble for training

The Warriors were not included in the resumption of the 2019-20 NBA season.

But it looks like they could be joining the Orlando bubble after all.

What if Golden State (and the other seven teams who haven't played since March) were allowed to hold team workouts at Walt Disney World once teams who didn't qualify for the NBA playoffs leave to go home?

"Sources say the NBA has been exploring that possibility for quite some time now, and that the idea was raised most recently on the aforementioned governors call (Wednesday)," The Athletic's Sam Amick reported Friday morning. "Starting on Aug. 17, when six teams go home and the 16-team playoffs begin, space will be opening up inside this three-hotel, three-court, (seemingly) COVID-free community they have created."

The NBA and NBPA would have to agree on the terms in order for this to come to fruition, and there's no guarantee that happens.

As of now, it seems highly unlikely that a second bubble in Chicago materializes. And it appears doubtful that the Warriors, Minnesota Timberwolves, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Hornets and New York Knicks will get the green light to hold practices in their respective markets.

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The Warriors have said they will be good partners should the powers that be call upon them to do what's best for the league as a whole. And that could mean descending upon Orlando.

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When you consider Draymond Green's feelings about the concept of that additional Chicago bubble, it's safe to assume he wouldn't be thrilled about heading to Florida.

"At the end of the day -- if it came about and we had to go -- I'm not gonna opt out," he said Wednesday on "The Steam Room" podcast. "I'm just not gonna do that. But I am strongly against Adam Silver and anyone else in the league office starting a second bubble.

"No one wants to see these teams. And by the way -- they don't want to see us if Steph and Klay ain't playing either (laughter). So what are we talking about?"

Standard disclaimer -- the situation is fluid so expect the unexpected.

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Warriors' Draymond Green reveals two 'sleeper' teams in Orlando bubble

Warriors' Draymond Green reveals two 'sleeper' teams in Orlando bubble

Who is going to reach the 2020 NBA Finals?

The majority of the basketball world believes the LA Clippers or Los Angeles Lakers will advance from the Western Conference, and either the Milwaukee Bucks or Toronto Raptors will punch the Eastern Conference's ticket.

Is there a "sleeper" in the West who could shock everybody? According to Warriors forward Draymond Green, that team is the Houston Rockets.

"They got Russ (Russell Westbrook), they got James (Harden) -- who obviously can both go for 40 or 50 on any given night," he said on "The Steam Room" podcast. "They got a bunch of shooters and they're going to create proglems for people, because they're playing this switching defense.

"And the first thing that people try to do -- we saw it the other day -- you try to pound the ball inside. You're not just gonna run James Harden over on the post. You're not just gonna run P.J. Tucker over. A lot of teams will make that mistake and Houston can be really sneaky."

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And the Miami Heat are Draymond's sleeper pick in the East.

"They play really hard, they got guys that are tied together," the three-time NBA champion explained. "They got my guy Andre (Iguodala), who we know during the Finals and playoffs is great. The only thing with the Heat is they struggle at times to find consistent scoring.

"But they got a lot of talent, a lot of pieces."

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Yours truly wouldn't be shocked at all if the Rockets reach the NBA Finals, but would be stunned if the Heat get that far. 

But ultimately, anything can happen when there is no homecourt advantage.

The playoffs are going to be a blast.

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