KG cites Steph in refreshing take about current vs. past NBA

Steph Curry Kevin Garnett

If you thought Kevin Garnett would be one of the all-time greats to disparage today's crop of NBA stars, you would be mistaken.

In fact, he offered some effusive praise and cited the "Splash Brothers" specifically.

"Steph Curry revolutionized things with being able to shoot it from distance with such consistency," KG recently told David Marchese of The New York Times. "Klay Thompson. Dame Lillard. These guards changed the game.

"I don’t know if even the guards from 20 or 30 years ago could play in this time right here. It’s creative. It’s competitive. It’s saucy. You’ll get dropped!

"A [expletive] will cross you over and break your ACL these days. The game is in a great place."

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It's very nice to hear someone of Garnett's caliber speak so glowingly about the current state of the league.

All of the "back in my day" and/or "these guys stink compared to us" takes are not beneficial to the sport's overall health.

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So thank you, KG, for the refreshing opinion.

"The game is at another level," he added. "I don’t think guys from 20 years ago could play in this game."


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