Looney gives funny reaction to Kerr's comparison for him

Kurt Rambis champagne

It's no secret that Steve Kerr is a big fan of Kevon Looney.

The Warriors' head coach on multiple occasions over the years has referred to the big man as a "foundational piece."

Looney made his first start of the season Monday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves, and produced on both ends of the floor.

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Is there a specific NBA player from the past that Kerr believes shares some of Looney's qualities?

"I was a Laker fan growing up and I thought about Kurt Rambis," Golden State's coach told the media Tuesday afternoon. "They're not exactly similar players, but in terms of guys who were role players who played very important roles on championship teams -- I thought that was a decent comparison.

"Rambis did a lot of the stuff that Loon does."

Shortly after these comments, Looney was asked to provide a reaction.

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"Every time I see a video of Kurt Rambis he's usually in a fight," the 24-year-old said before laughing. "I'll take it as a sign of respect. At least he thinks I'm tough. But he was on some great teams and he was a great role player. He did his job.

"For Steve to compare me to somebody like that ... I need to go do my research some more and see what he did. I'll take it as a compliment to be compared to a guy like that."


Have fun studying the Rambis film, Mr. Looney.

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