Loon's funny PSA to NBA after Dray not voted top trash talker


Draymond Green has taken pride in his role as the NBA’s biggest villain over the past couple of years, but someone else is coming for his throne. 

In an All-Star version NBA player poll posted by The Athletic this week, Patrick Beverley received the most votes for the league’s biggest trash talker. 

Green’s teammate Kevon Looney wasn’t surprised, but he also believes it might be too early in the season to decide. 

“Draymond’s been a little kind this year,” Looney told reporters after Warriors practice on Tuesday. “He hasn’t talked as much as he usually does. But [come] playoffs, Draymond will probably come to take it back.”

The poll was close, though. Six All-Stars voted for Beverley and four voted for Green. 

Udonis Haslem, Dillon Brooks, Joe Ingles and Damian Lillard each got one vote. Oh, and the entire Memphis Grizzlies team collected a solo vote as well. Also not very surprising. 

To some players, like the Miami Heat’s Bam Adebayo and Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum, Green was the “obvious” answer. But those close to Beverley, like Los Angeles Clippers’ Paul George, believe he’s just “undefeated” at trash-talking. 

“Think Pat Bev knows that’s his role,” Sacramento Kings guard Kevin Huerter told The Athletic. “That’s his effect on the game, kind of junking it up and get guys off their game.” 


Players like Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant and Rasheed Wallace have paved the way for what seems like now every player using their mouths to their advantage on the hardwood in today’s game. 

Kings center Domantas Sabonis agrees. 

“Nowadays everyone’s trash-talking, so I can’t even tell you,” Sabonis told The Athletic when asked who the biggest trash talker is. 

Still, though, there must be a trash-talking king, and while Green and Beverley have been the top two over the last couple of seasons -- this year it's Beverley. 

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Imagining the two on the same team was something Dub Nation recently went through. 

Before Beverley signed with the Chicago Bulls, he confirmed that the Warriors were his second option. How would trash talker No. 1 and trash talker No. 2 have panned out on the same team? Looney's guess is as good as anyone's. 

"I have no idea," he said. "I got to play with Pat a little bit in East LA, he was a good teammate to have in pickup, but I hope he does good in Chicago."

One thing is for sure. The two on the same squad would make every opposing team's life absolute hell. 

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