Steph Curry said he was "obviously joking" when he said he didn't believe man had been to the moon, but that didn't stop the Kings from trolling him Friday night.

While the Warriors were introduced before tip-off at Golden 1 Center, the Kings' video board showed footage of a man on the moon -- getting a nice reaction from the alleged non-believer himself. 

It didn't stop there, either. Kings fans held up NASA-related images when the Warriors headed to the charity stripe. 

In all, Curry got a field trip to NASA's Johnson Space Center and a big laugh Friday night as a result of Moon-gate. That certainly beats the alternative of NBA Star Publicly Doubting Historical Facts. 

Now, the real question. Will the video give the Kings the edge they need in Friday night's pivotal NorCal battle?

Stranger things have happened -- like a national aeronautics and space agency putting multiple people on the moon.