Kirk Lacob challenges Warriors fans to find Bob Myers' Reddit account


Warriors president of basketball operations/general manager Bob Myers does not spend his day scrolling through Twitter.

Why not? Because the two-time NBA Executive of the Year does not have an account.

"Bob's a Reddit guy. Bob is deep on Reddit," Kirk Lacob -- Golden State's vice president of basketball operations -- said this week to Grant Liffmann and Kerith Burke on the "Runnin' Plays" podcast. "All of the subreddits. See if you can find Bob's Reddit account.

"I'll challenge anyone listening to this -- if you can figure out Bob's Reddit username, you can post it out there. If somebody gets it right, I will tell them they got it right."

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The clear assumption here is that Lacob was kidding, and Dub Nation won't ever locate the username because it doesn't exist.

But if Myers really does have an account, and somebody finds it, will Lacob give the fan season tickets at Chase Center?

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"I will give you my tickets for a game," he answered. "How about that?"


That sound you hear is Reddit users all across the world pounding away at their keyboards in search of the mystery login.

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