Kirk Lacob jokes about real reason Andrew Bogut signed with Warriors

Kirk Lacob jokes about real reason Andrew Bogut signed with Warriors

Andrew Bogut is going to be rocking a Warriors uniform again very soon.

Returning to Golden State was an opportunity the 34-year old couldn't pass up.

"To come back to the NBA, for me, was basically Golden State or nothing. But the fact it was Golden State — it was the kind of opportunity that I would be kicking myself if I didn’t take.”

That's what Bogut told Marc Stein of The New York Times last week. You can't blame the guy for wanting another shot at winning a championship. But was that the main reason he chose to come back?

"I know he's extremely excited to get here. Unfortunately, he missed our yearly poker tournament. I know that's the real reason he re-signed," assistant GM Kirk Lacob jokingly said on KNBR 680 on Thursday evening. "He's the self-proclaimed best poker player in the organization."

Bogut didn't miss the tournament back in 2014, when he apparently finished in second place.

He played again in 2016 but had a bad night at the table.

Based on some old tweets, the guy really loves poker.

Back in mid-December, Steph Curry conducted a Twitter Q&A. Bogut took the time to ask a question and Curry obviously answered that one:

Bogut then responded to Curry's answer.

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Isn't making fun of Klay Thompson the best?!

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Watch Steph Curry shoot at Warriors new Chase Center practice facility

Watch Steph Curry shoot at Warriors new Chase Center practice facility

For 10 years, Steph Curry practiced on the same hoop at the Warriors practice facility in downtown Oakland.

But times are changing, and the Warriors no longer call Oakland home.

With the Warriors moving to Chase Center in San Francisco, the team will practice on courts attached to their new arena.

On Monday night, Curry's friend Will Lowery posted several videos on his Instagram account of the Warriors star working out and getting up shots at the new practice facility.

In the videos, Curry can be seen hitting several wing and corner 3-pointers.

After 10 years at the same facility, Curry will have to build new routines and get used to a new environment.

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You know who else was performing at Chase Center on Monday night? John Mayer.

We wonder if Steph snuck away from the practice court to catch a few of Mayer's songs.

Warriors' Steph Curry ranked best shooter of decade; Klay Thompson No. 4

Warriors' Steph Curry ranked best shooter of decade; Klay Thompson No. 4

Steph Curry is arguably the greatest shooter in the history of basketball. I only say "arguably" because -- well, you know -- contrarians.

What is not arguable, however, is that Curry is the greatest shooter of this decade. But just in case you don't believe what your eyes have seen over the last nine-plus years, ESPN's Kirk Goldsberry most recent article should set you straight.

In an assessment of the best shooters of the 2010s, Goldsberry's data revealed Curry to be far superior to everyone else.

"In a decade that we'll remember for its 3-point awakening, Curry was the alarm clock," Goldsberry begins.

In quantifying Curry's superiority as a shooter, Goldsberry compared his total 3-point production to his closest competitor in that statistic, Houston's James Harden.

"By sinking 2,025 3s in the 2010s, James Harden ranked second in the NBA in made triples," Goldsberry revealed. "Steph was No. 1 by a country mile, hitting 458 more 3s than Harden." 

But it wasn't just the quantity of 3-pointers that established Curry's comparative shooting superiority; it was the quality, as well.

"Curry's 3s were tough," Goldsberry continued. "No one has attempted more triples since 2013-14 -- the first year we have full player-tracking data via Second Spectrum -- and only four players took more difficult attempts when accounting for shot quality and defender distance. 

"The gap between Curry's expected eFG (49.6%) and actual eFG (64.0%) on 3s is greater than any other player's."

In other words, Curry did a better job of making 3-point shots he wasn't supposed to make than any other player in the league. Additionally, Curry's shooting performances are more self-produced than any of his competitors.

"To this day, more than 80% of NBA 3s are assisted, but for Curry that number is just 62%."

As the point guard, Curry is responsible for facilitating the offense, not just driving it. Golden State's offenses have ranked among the league's best ever since his ascendancy to the league's undisputed top shooter, but he's not the only one showing off supreme marksmanship. His longtime backcourt-mate also ranks among the top-five shooters of this decade.

That's right, Klay Thompson came in as the No. 4 ranked shooter of the 2010s, someone Goldsberry considers as having "a case as the most terrifying heat-check shooter we've ever seen."

Outside of Curry and Harden, nobody converted more 3-pointers this decade than Thompson. And while, yes, his treys are predominantly more of the catch-and-shoot variety, it's worth noting he's achieved that lofty status despite being the second, or even third option on his own team throughout that span.

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In case you were wondering, Kevin Durant came in at No. 2.