Captain Klay? Warriors star spends Valentine's Day on boat


Captain Klay? Cupid Klay? Bay Klay? Bae Klay?

Klay Thompson, who turned 31 years old last week, is a man of many hats and many nicknames. Anytime he does something fun, we add it to his rolodex.

On Sunday, to celebrate Valentine's Day, the injured Warriors' star got in boat with friend Jack Ward and sailed out beyond the Golden Gate Bridge into the Pacific Ocean.

Considering how frustrated Thompson was during the Warriors' 134-117 loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night, relaxing on the open waters probably was exactly what he needed.

Thompson currently is rehabbing his right Achilles, which he tore on Nov. 18. He's expected to miss his second straight season, and for a gym rat, missing two straight NBA seasons has to be tough on his psyche.

The open water seems to be Thompson's sanctuary right now. In September, before he suffered his Achilles injury, "Kayak Klay" was born as he floated out by the Golden Gate Bridge.

In January, Thompson and his trusty pooch Rocco got in a raft on what appears to be a calm lake and enjoyed the scenery.

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As we near one year in the COVID-19 pandemic and Thompson approaches two years without playing an NBA game, it's vital for him and all of us to take care of our mental health.


Even if that means sailing out through the Golden Gate Bridge on a chilly, overcast day in the Bay.

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