Klay Thompson's alter ego stole the show this past summer.

He unleashed #ChinaKlay to the delight of all observers. And while he's been made of fun of for some of his antics, Thompson has fully embraced the persona.

During Episode 3 of JaVale McGee's Parking Lot Chronicles which was published on Saturday, the Warriors back-up center asked Thompson what he thought of all the publicity he was getting for #ChinaKlay.

"I was happy. Just came off my second NBA championship. I was just over there having a good time. I didn’t know everything would go viral as it did. I forgot the internet was so worldwide. It is undefeated," Thompson said. "But I think people saw another side of me they don’t see on the court. They see that I only show emotion, but I was having a great time in China."

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