'Business is booming:' Klay happy about Warriors' assets


Klay Thompson appears to be fired up about the Warriors' haul of draft picks, as he exclaimed during an Instagram Live on Thursday from his boat.

The Warriors currently have the Nos. 7 and 14 overall picks in the 2021 NBA Draft.

A number of prospects have worked out for the team in recent days, but many reports have indicated the Warriors would like to utilize one or both of those first-round picks to trade for a more established veteran player.

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Thompson's expected return has the Warriors back among the top contenders for the championship next season, and a trade for a veteran might make more sense for a team looking to win right away.

As Klay emphasized, lottery picks are valuable commodities.

Whether the Warriors use them to bring in young rookies or package them in a trade for a star, business indeed is booming for the front office this summer.

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