Brown reveals Klay has 'driven his boat' to Warriors games


Today might be the day you found out Klay Thompson has driven his boat to Warriors games at Chase Center.

Casual, right? 

Warriors assistant coach Mike Brown stopped by 95.7 The Game on Wednesday and was asked about a recent Valentine’s Day excursion where Klay was posing on a boat in the San Francisco Bay. "Bae Klay,” if you will.

“He’s driven his boat to a couple of games,” Brown said in the interview.

Klay appeared to be very relaxed and enjoying the ambiance on the romantic holiday which was a nice break from a recent reaction of him on the sidelines of the Warriors’ 134-117 loss to the Brooklyn Nets the night before.

It was tough to watch as the Warriors struggled against their former teammate Kevin Durant. James Harden also played well, tallying 16 assists. Watching that and not being able to help must have been frustrating.

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Klay is forced to simply observe the team as he recovers from a torn Achilles he suffered in November. He did reach a milestone recently, however. He now doesn't need to constantly wear his walking boot and is said to be “on schedule” after a checkup with his surgeon.

The five-time All-Star recently has been able to accompany the team on the road as well, which is great for the team. But it’s easy to see Klay’s ready to join his team for real on the court and it kills him not to be out there.


At least we know his morning commute could be different from here on out. 

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