Klay identifies who has inspired him in Achilles recovery


Klay Thompson has lost two consecutive NBA seasons to major injuries, depriving the Warriors star of two seasons in the heart of his prime.

In speaking to the media on Sunday prior to the Warriors' matchup with the Utah Jazz, Thompson was asked about who has inspired him in his recovery process, and he singled out some fellow NBA stars who have dealt with major injuries.

"I see guys like (Kevin Durant) KD, John Wall, my guy Demarcus (Cousins), Wes Matthews, Jonas Jerebko, all these guys have come back to play at the level they were at or very close to it," Thompson told reporters Sunday. "Can even look back in history to a guy like the Human Highlight Reel Dominique Wilkins, I've relied on Dominique for a lot of inspiration, he came back, led the league in scoring, won a EuroLeague title years later.

"I talked to Grant Hill right after I got hurt and I thought Grant was a great guy to reach out to, because like me he was cut down in his prime, and he had a crazy expectation, he was one of the greats of the 90s, he was in that mold of MJ and Kobe, and he was one of the next special wings and he ended up having an incredible Hall of Fame career, leaning on Grant and seeing what he did after three years of his ankles being like glass inspires me a lot to never give up."


Thompson also talked about speaking with motivational speaker Tony Robbins, who also met with the Warriors during the team's 2018 championship run.

"Mr. Robbins inspired me a lot to never lose my soul and always be myself, because like I've learned, the human body can give out on you, but your soul is forever," Thompson said.

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Thompson also told reporters that he no longer is required to wear a walking boot, and hopes to return to the Warriors' lineup early in the 2021-22 NBA season.

After missing all of the 2019-20 season following an Achilles tear, Durant has come back and reassumed his place as one of the NBA's top offensive players for the Brooklyn Nets.

Hopefully for the Warriors, Thompson can return and be close to what we saw from him during his last full season in 2018-19, when he was one of the NBA's top wings.

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