Klay jokes with Steph about Dray's pass hitting him in head


Steph Curry and Klay Thompson know what it's like to have a perfect pass from Draymond Green hit you in stride while setting up for a 3-pointer. The Splash Brothers also know what it's like to be hit by an errant Draymond pass from time to time. 

"How did it feel -- I've been in that position before -- to take that ball off the head in the first quarter from Draymond?" Thompson asked Curry after the Warriors' 118-91 blowout win over the Detroit Pistons. "I've felt that same pain and I just wanted to hear from your mouth."

"If you're around our team long enough, with all the passes we make, it's bound to happen," Curry said. "We'll call that ball-head." 

Klay couldn't help but laugh at Steph's quick joke. 

"I got Spalding right here on the side of my forehead," Curry continued. 

"That's fine, though, because he's gonna hit you in the shooting pocket most of the time," Thompson responded. "But every once in a while, the batter gets beaned, ya know." 

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Curry finished the night with a game-high 28 points in Golden State's win, and Green dished six assists. 

Thompson served as an in-game broadcaster for the second half as he continues to rehab from a torn Achilles tendon. While he and Curry can't share the same backcourt right now, they once again showed their uncanny chemistry after the win.


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