Klay gives important life advice while ordering Chipotle

Klay Thompson

Just like the rest of us, Klay Thompson is a fan of Chipotle burrito bowls.

The Warriors star was spotted at the popular fast-food restaurant on Thursday and partook in a humorous Tik Tok while waiting in line, offering some prescient life advice to those with dreams of being athletes or entrepreneurs.

Chipotle Klay dropping some sage wisdom while waiting for a burrito bowl.

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Thompson has spent the last eight months rehabbing a torn Achilles that he suffered last November. Warriors coach Steve Kerr said the sharpshooter has reached an important point in his rehab, and Golden State knows that how Thompson looks upon his return likely will determine its title fate.

While Thompson is the key to the Warriors vaulting back into championship contention, Golden State doesn't expect him to return during the early portion of the season.

Thompson was playing the best basketball of his career when he tore his ACL in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals. After two years away from the court, he is champing at the bit to return and help the Warriors retake their place among the NBA's elite teams.

But until then be like Klay: Keep Calm and Chipotle On.

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