Klay outraged by alleged racial profiling incident in Tiburon

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Like so many of his NBA peers, Klay Thompson has had enough.

The Warriors star made that much clear in showing his appreciation to Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers, whose powerful speech on racial injustice earlier this week captured the pain that so many people are feeling after the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, in Kenosha, Wisc.

On Friday, Thompson voiced his outrage about a recent incident of racial injustice much closer to home.

On Tuesday, KTVU reported that Yema Khalif and Hawi Awash, a Black couple who own a clothing store in Tiburon, are accusing police of racial profiling them during an incident last Friday. The incident, which was recorded on a cell phone, now is the subject of an independent investigation, as the Tiburon Police Department requested, per KTVU.

The video shows a heated exchange between Khalif and a Tiburon police officer who, after circling the block several times, confronted the couple after they had returned to their store after-hours to work on some newly arrived inventory, KTVU reported.

"Tiburon PD, wtf???" Thompson wrote in response on his Instagram Story. "This is how y'all treat hard-working self-made business owners? Wait no, just the African ones. ... Black people always have to prove their innocence no matter how 'successful' they are. This s--ts really exhausting."

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Tiburon Police Chief Michael Cronin issued a statement in which he said appropriate action will be taken based on the findings of the investigation, which will be carried out by an external, independent attorney.


An online petition demanding consequences and that Tiburon police be investigated for racial bias is being circulated.