Klay Thompson reportedly walked out of Avengers: Endgame an hour early


Klay Thompson reportedly walked out of Avengers: Endgame an hour early

Of the thousands of on-court decisions Klay Thompson has made in his career, none are as questionable as one he reportedly made watching the latest "Avengers" movie. 

As part of a longer piece about Thompson's struggles in the Warriors' NBA playoff second-round series with the Houston Rockets, The Athletic's Ethan Strauss reported that "[t]here was amusement in Warriors land when, with an hour left in the film, Klay just got up and left a screening of 'Avengers: Endgame.'"

"The plot didn't interest him, not enough to demand that much time and attention," Strauss wrote. 

This raises a lot of questions. 

Yes, "Endgame" is a long film. At three hours and two minutes, it's the longest film in Marvel's Cinematic Universe, and 22 minutes longer than the studio's similarly sprawling two-hour, 40-minute "Avengers: Infinity War" from 2018. But did Thompson not know what he was getting into? 

"Endgame" represents the culmination of the 21 films that preceded it starting with "Iron Man" in 2008. If he has already seen all -- or even most -- of the MCU films by that point, what's an additional three hours? What Thompson -- a professional athlete -- does with his free time certainly looks different than what I -- a "professional" blogger -- do with mine, but the preceding 21 films make three hours a piece of cake. 

But if he hasn't already seen all -- or even most -- of the movies ... then why would he watch "Endgame?" It's littered with nods that even the most die-hard Marvel fan would have trouble entirely cataloguing, while also tying up loose ends and wrapping up the story arcs of quite a few important characters. By leaving the film an hour early, Thompson missed out on all of it. That will not matter much to him if he isn't a big Marvel fan, but then why would he sit down in the theater in the first place?

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It's all very confusing, and I would argue even moreso than his second-round cold streak. That's no small feat, considering the noted sharpshooter has converted on just 38.7 percent of his shots and only 30.8 percent from behind the 3-point line. But shooters slump, including ones who might or might not be dealing with an ankle injury. I'd venture a guess that not many movie-goers walked out of "Endgame" when it earned an A-plus Cinemascore. 

On the bright side, at least you won't have to worry about Thompson spoiling the end of the film if you haven't seen it yet.

Warriors reveal six jersey designs ahead of first Chase Center season

NBC Sports Bay Area

Warriors reveal six jersey designs ahead of first Chase Center season

The Warriors will open up the 2020 season in some new digs at the Chase Center in San Francisco. And they're going to do it sporting some new threads, the team announced on Tuesday.

There will be six variations of uniforms with details of each as listed in a press release.

The Association Edition will highlight the Warriors jerseys fans know and love with the team's Global logo symbol to signify the impact the team has universally. The design was first introduced to the world before the 2010-11 season. However, it received a bit of a facelift with an updated, more accurate portrayal of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge. 

The Icon Edition is pretty much the blue version of the Association uniform with the team's yellow Global logo on the chest. Those yellow sleeves are fire, though.

The Bay Statement Edition is just that, a uniform that makes a statement. It possesses the team's new "The Bay" logo which shows off a landscape of seaside cliffs overlooking the water with a bit of a vintage feel. The Bay Area fog makes an appearance on the logo since even on a uniform, we can't escape it, which also has a scene reminiscent of the Golden Gate prior to the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The Town -- City Edition is a tribute to the city of Oakland that has seen it all. This uniform was introduced during the 2017-18 season with the Oakland city logo in white set on a black jersey. This thread celebrates the Oakland community and its support for the team.

The San Francisco -- Classic edition is more of a throwback version to the Warriors' original Bay Area jersey worn upon the team's arrival to SF from Philadelphia in 1962. The city's name is written across the chest on the white jersey with navy, gold and red stripes on the sleeves and collar. A very Jackie Moon-esque, but a classicly retro look nonetheless.

Finally, the City -- Classic Edition jerseys that were designed by the team's 1966-67 owner Franklin Mieuli creates a marriage of the iconic symbols of the Golden Gate Bridge on the front and a cable car on the back of the yellow jersey. The team has sported this throwback several times over the years.

The Warriors' logo created a new, custom font ahead of the move across the bridge along with the more accurate depiction of the bridge itself. 

NBA rumors: Warriors 'looming threat' for Giannis Antetokounmpo in free agency

NBA rumors: Warriors 'looming threat' for Giannis Antetokounmpo in free agency

The retired Shaun Livingston was the last Warrior to wear No. 34. Will the next one be NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo? 

While it sounds wild and surely would set NBA Twitter ablaze once again, crazier things have happened. The Warriors always will be a threat to sign a star, and the Greek Freak is no exception. 

"The one team lurking out there -- I don't know how this would happen -- but the Warriors have always been the big threat to go after Giannis," ESPN's Ramona Shelbourne said Monday on "The Jump." 

The Bucks superstar shares the same agency as Warriors star Steph Curry and has the same agent as Steph's brother Seth. He is friends with the Curry family, and the New York Times' Marc Stein reported in February that the Warriors have "internally mused about a run at Giannis."

"It would be a difficult construction to make happen, but that is the one looming threat," Shelbourne said. "It comes down to what kind of guy is Giannis. What does he want his legacy to be? Is he the kind of guy who stays with one team his entire career and tries to bring a championship to Milwaukee or does he pull a Kevin Durant and go join a group of super friends?"

Antetokounmpo becomes a free agent after the 2020-21 season. Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green all will be on the books at that time with contracts that total at least $100 million.

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The 24-year-old Antetokounmpo took home the league's highest honor last season when he posted 27.7 points, 12.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists per game. He already is a three-time All-NBA selection, three-time All-Star and twice has been voted to the All-Defensive team.

With a brand new arena and a hunger for more championships, the Warriors' front office will do anything they can to bring Giannis to the Bay Area. The summer of 2021 could be a big one in San Francisco.