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Klay Thompson is an NBA champion, a two-time All-Star and averaged 22 points per game last season.

But one NBA veteran doesn't believe Thompson falls into the superstar category, and he has a title for players like the Warriors' shooting guard and Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard: 'B-side players."

That moniker was dubbed by Bucks guard Jason Terry in late September.

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While appearing on SiriusXM NBA Radio, Terry was asked to name the best players in the league. He proceeded to list Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Chris Paul, and called them "A-side players." When asked what he meant by that term, Terry said "The A-side is your superstar."

"The B-side performers in the NBA, that is Kawhi Leonard and Klay Thompson. B-side means a supporting cast role but not really a bench player," Terry explained.

On Monday, Thompson was asked about Terry's comments and offered this response:

"I'll be a B-side player on my way to championship," Thompson told SiriusXM NBA Radio.