Klay Thompson reveals special reasons he wears No. 11 for Warriors


Numbers are very important to athletes. Whether it's superstition or just comfort, the digits adorning their jersey often hold special meaning to some of the best in sports.

Warriors star shooting guard Klay Thompson is no different.

During a Q&A session for fans in China put on by his shoe sponsor Anta, Thompson was asked why he rocks No. 11 in Golden State. As it turns out, that number has been littered all over Thompson's life.

“So I was a draftee of the 2011 Draft Class, I was the 11th pick," Thompson said. "It took me 11 dribbles to get to 60 points. K is the 11th letter in the English alphabet. The house I grew up in California is the 11th house on 11th lane. So it’s a special number in my life.”

Hard to argue with that logic.

Thompson, who missed the entire 2019-20 NBA season while rehabbing from a torn ACL, recently was medically cleared to participate in drills and practice. Head coach Steve Kerr was impressed with Thompson's progress when he went down to Southern California to watch him work out. Thompson arguably was playing the best basketball of his career when he tore his ACL in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals.

After a year away from the game, Thompson is motivated to show everyone that he's still the best two-way guard in the NBA


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As the rest of the NBA gets ready to restart its season in Orlando, the Warriors are at home after a 15-50 season that saw them sink to the bottom of the NBA while Thompson missed the entire year and Steph Curry only played in five games.

The Warriors will be well-rested by the time next season rolls around, and Thompson, Curry and Draymond Green will be chomping at the bit to prove that their dynasty isn't over yet.

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