Klay reveals which Warriors teammate he yells at most often

Klay Thompson, Warriors

When you think of the most vocal team leader on the Warriors, Draymond Green likely comes to mind the quickest.

Klay Thompson agrees.

"I've been hearing Draymond yell at me for 10 years," the five-time NBA All-Star said, joining the Warriors broadcast on NBC Sports Bay Area on Saturday. 

Perhaps a portion of Green is rubbing off on Thompson, however. 

When asked if he has ever yelled at a teammate, the usually relaxed Thompson revealed the one teammate he gets vocal with.

"I yell at Smiley [Alen Smailagić] every day," Thompson admitted. "We're both going through rehab together and I just love to yell at that guy."

Have no fear. Thompson insists Smailagić is a good sport.

"He takes it well," Thompson said. 

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The two clearly have a good-natured relationship. Earlier in the week, Thompson poked fun at Smailagić's new hairstyle, comparing him to actor Michael Rapaport.

Smailagić, 20, underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus in the beginning of January and is expected to miss multiple weeks. He will continue to rehab with Thompson, who will miss the season for a second straight year as he recovers from a torn Achilles. 

Knowing Thompson, he'll continue to pull his best Green impression on Smailagić as the two work to come back to the league.