Watch Klay, Rocco play chess in Waiakea Super Bowl Sunday ad


Klay Thompson and his dog Rocco are inseparable, so it makes sense that the dynamic duo would star in a Super Bowl Sunday commercial together.

During a 30-second spot for Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Klay and Rocco engaged in a friendly game of chess, and when Thompson got checkmate on his best friend, Rocco wasn't pleased, hilariously storming off in disgust.

Rocco means so much to Thompson that the Warriors' star honored his pooch in 2021 with a special edition of his Anta KT6 shoes, which were released in China.

In 2022, while appearing on an episode of "How Hungry Are You?" with current NBA player Serge Ibaka, Thompson was asked, “If you had to keep one, who are you keeping -- Rocco or Steph [Curry]?” Naturally, Klay wasn't able to pick between his Splash Brother and his loyal bulldog.

During Thompson's grueling 941-day rehab from two major leg injuries, he frequently took his boat out in the Bay as a form of therapy, and once in a while, Rocco would be by his side providing the best company possible.

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Rocco seemed upset after their chess battle, but it's a safe bet they soon were back enjoying each other's company.

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