Klay Thompson's brother blames Warriors: 'I thought that was pretty funny'

The Warriors shoot a lot of 3-pointers.

On average, they attempt 33.4 per game -- 2nd most in the NBA (the Rockets shoot 44.5!)

"We have all-time great shooters, and we got guys who just make the right play and share the ball," Klay Thompson said after shootaround on Wednesday. "Our floor spacing is incredible as well, so that's why we're able to get off so many 3s."

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Klay then shared the following story:

"I was actually talking to my brother the other day -- who was playing at 24 Hour Fitness -- he said he ruined the game when he was on a pick-up team with a 16-year old kid who pulled up for 'game' from like four feet in front of halfcourt.

"And he blamed that on the Warriors, so I thought that was pretty funny."

It's unclear if Klay was talking about Mychel or Trayce (who plays for the Dodgers).

Through 11 games this season, Klay is shooting 45.2 percent from deep and he's made the fourth most overall (38).

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