Klay Thompson's dad gives hopeful target date for son's Warriors return

Klay Thompson's dad gives hopeful target date for son's Warriors return

At Media Day on Sept. 30, Warriors general manager Bob Myers ruled Klay Thompson out until at least the All-Star break.

That's when the team is planning on providing its next official update on the star shooting guard. 

So with that in mind, when is Klay's father, Mychal, targeting his son's return to game action?

"I'm hoping sometime in March," he said Wednesday on 95.7 The Game. "There's no definitive date, but that would be nine months from the injury. As long as he's dedicated and determined in his rehab.

"He's got a great physical therapy staff. He'll know before March -- somebody in February or January -- how he's feeling going through all the basketball drills.

"If he has so sit out a year then so be it. He'll know he feels, the Warriors will know how he feels, when it's that time to make that decision."

Klay tore his left ACL during Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Raptors on June 13, and underwent surgery July 2.

If he returns at the nine-month mark, that would put him in uniform on March 14 at Milwaukee, and give him 16 games through the end of the regular season.

"I'm hoping he can be back sometime in March, have a couple weeks under his belt to get ready for the playoffs," Mychal said.

How is Klay holding up mentally?

"It's tough. I told him it's gonna be tough. He's an ultimate competitor. He wants to play. He has so much fun playing for the Warriors and being around the game that he loves.

"I told him it's gonna be a tough mental grind. You got to keep yourself busy -- be around the team, get on the air sometimes with [Bob] Fitzgerald and Kelenna [Azubuike]. Call a game sometimes, they'll be happy to have you call the game.

"Be on the bench and help coach, try to come up with some other business interests. That's what you have to do. You have to keep yourself mentally busy otherwise you'll go crazy because you miss it so much."

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Perhaps the five-time All-Star becomes a regular on Warriors Outsiders? (that won't be happening.)

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Steph Curry says he's using Riley's spring break to improve as teacher

Steph Curry says he's using Riley's spring break to improve as teacher

Two MVP trophies. Three NBA titles.

Steph Curry has a trophy case littered with accolades from a decorated 11-year career with the Warriors.

One profession where he’s not at the top of his game is as a substitute teacher, at least according to his daughter Riley.

“She told my mom today, she said I’m a three-star teacher,” Curry told former teammate JaVale McGee. “I said, ‘Dang. That’s cold. That’s so cold-blooded. I am invested into your future, young lady. This is how you repay me?’ It’s crazy.”

During an appearance on Chris Paul’s Instagram live Monday, Curry said that he’s going to use Riley’s spring break as an opportunity to improve his lesson plan.

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“Riley gave me a three-star rating on Friday,” Curry said. “This week is spring break, so I really got a lot of time to reset as a teacher, and see how I can spice things up for her. Because, I can’t have my daughter out here talking trash about me.”

Time to hit the books, Steph.

Chris Paul admits Steph Curry crossed him in viral 2015 ankle-breaker

Chris Paul admits Steph Curry crossed him in viral 2015 ankle-breaker

Fans don't forget.

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Chris Paul brought Steph Curry onto his Instagram Live on Monday, and the two point guards went through a myriad of topics.

Once Curry joined, however, fans couldn't stop bringing up the infamous 2015 play where the Warriors star absolutely mixed Paul during his days with the Los Angeles Clippers.

The flood of comments eventually led to this hilarious exchange between Curry and Paul.

"Listen man, listen, listen, he got me," Paul said while laughing.

"The funniest part of [it is] how many times we've all been dropped," Curry responded. "You done dropped me at least three times, I got you that one time in L.A., Brandon Jennings got me my rookie year. Like, you can never, ever live it down."

The two also agreed on an important lesson they impart to young players who attend the stars' offseason basketball camps.

"If you play defense long enough, it's gonna happen," Curry said finishing Paul's sentence.

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The two-time MVP also joked that he "don't play defense half the time."

Curry's definitely come a long way defensively in his NBA career from this, though.

At least Steph got his jumper to fall against Paul.

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