There are customized sneakers, and there are these customized sneakers. 

The latest KT4 "Klay Areas" will drop on Oct. 6 and the owner is in charge of how they look -- and they can switch them up as much as they want:

According to the Oaklandish website, the Klay Area comes with six-packs of velcro packages that are interchangeable to ones' liking.

There are personal touches via Klay Thompson including a patch of his beloved dog Rocco, the time he channeled his inner-Jackie Moon, his All-Star selections, a dedicated patch to "China Klay," and even the time he signed a toaster.

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Those interested need to act quickly, however, as only 200 pairs will be available in the US and only at the exclusive KT4 drop on Oct. 6 from noon-3 pm.