Klay's dad explains why Warriors star loves ocean so much

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is spending his second straight season away from the hardwood as he rehabs a torn Achilles' tendon. While he watches Warriors games from afar, his social media has created plenty of buzz. 

More than once, the Warriors star has shared pictures of himself out on the water, either on his boat or in a kayak. He even spent Valentine's Day on his boat under the Golden Gate Bridge, and has driven the boat to Warriors games

His father, Mychal, told NBC Sports Bay Area's Kerith Burke his son's love for water has been evident from Day 1 and has plenty to do with how much time he spent in the Bahamas as a child. 

"Ever since he was a kid -- going swimming, jumping in pools, jumping in lakes up in Oregon, jumping in the river ... he was always fascinated and attracted to the water," Thompson said. "I think it's part of his Bahamian roots.

"Obviously Americans love the water, too. From going to the Bahamas since the time he was a baby to his childhood years -- I mean being on the beach down there, those luxurious beaches, that warm 70-degree water, being out on that crystal-clear water with the boats, I think that's mostly where he got his love of water from being around the boats in the Bahamas as a kid."


Thompson has shared over the past two injury-filled seasons how much he misses playing basketball with his Warriors teammates. The court is where he feels best, it's home to him. 

But aside from a basketball court, Mychal says Klay's happy place easily is the water. 

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"Oh no question about it," Mychal said. "He loves to go fishing, he loves to go snorkeling, scuba diving ... whatever you can do in the water, that's where he finds his peace. And I don't blame him, because I'm the same way. I love boats, I love the ocean and I always tell him one of my biggest regrets is I didn't have a boat in the Bahamas when I was a player." 

Mychal thought it was a "great idea" when Klay bought his boat, because he knows he finds his peace out on the water. He calls his son a "good" boat captain but one question remains: What's the name of Klay's boat? If Mychal had to guess, it would be named after Klay's beloved dog. 

"Knowing him, he probably would name it 'Rocco,' " Mychal joked.

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