The Warriors have impressed just about everyone during their dynastic run, and Kobe Bryant is certainly part of the club.

Over the past five seasons, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Steve Kerr and Kevin Durant have flipped the NBA on its head and left the rest of the league searching for answers.

But what is it that makes the Warriors so deadly? You know, aside from pairing two of the best shooters in NBA history with a historically great player in Durant?

If you ask Kobe, it's the way the Dubs play that separates them from the rest of the league.

"I think Golden State plays with such intent," Bryant said when asked for an NBA Finals prediction, via The Athletic's Frank Isola.

"A lot of teams play accidental basketball where they just move the ball around, then they get a shot and take it. Golden State plays with purpose. They know how to exploit defenses. They have experience. (Kevin) Durant is a game-changer; his size and ability to get a bucket at the end of the shot clock.

"But you see, Houston is starting to do that too. They’re starting to figure out how to manipulate the defense and how to control the pacing of the game more. And then in the East, Boston is one good run away from kind of figuring it out. And if the game is close, Kyrie (Irving) is a problem."


Sign us up for a Warriors-Celtics NBA Finals.

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Despite a clunky regular season, the Warriors still appear primed for a fifth consecutive NBA Finals appearance and will no doubt be the favorites to hoist the Larry O'Brien Trophy come June. 

While the Black Mamba clearly enjoys Golden State's brand of basketball, it must be killing him to see another team from the Western Conference atop the NBA hierarchy, while his Lakers have plummeted since the NBA All-Star break.

With the Lakers set to miss the playoffs for the sixth straight season, Bryant will just have to settle for watching the Dubs' beautiful brand of basketball during the playoffs as he dreams of the day LA can pair LeBron James with another superstar and return to the top of the Western Conference.