Kyle Lowry played quite well Wednesday night in the Raptors' NBA Finals Game 3 win over the Warriors, totaling 23 points and nine assists.

The Raptors point guard threw his body around all night, winning loose balls and providing timely baskets for the winning team.

On one occasion, Lowry threw his body straight off the Oracle Arena court and into the courtside seats opposite the Raptors' bench while diving for a loose ball. That's not an unusual occurrence in an NBA game, but what followed was.

As Lowry tried to remove himself from the seats and get back onto the court, he was pushed by a fan seated in the area where he dove.

Lowry seemed bothered by the incident, and brought it to the officials' attention. Soon after, the fan was removed from his seat, presumably for the duration of the contest.


Lowry was asked about the confrontation following the game, and revealed that in addition to pushing him, the fan also had used vulgar language toward him.

Courtside seats at the NBA Finals -- in Oracle Arena's swan song, no less -- certainly don't come cheap, so you can bet that guy immediately regretted his decision. Fans never should initiate physical contact with the players, and player-fan interactions have been an ongoing story throughout the NBA season.

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Another Warriors fan -- or group, rather -- known to voice their opinions agreed with the decision to remove the fan from the game.

Words to the wise: Don't push the players, whether or not they're All-Stars.