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Kyrie Irving has a player option for the 2019-20 season worth about $21.3 million.

But the reality is that he will opt out and become an unrestricted free agent in July.

Is he going to sign with the Knicks or Nets? Might he take his talents to LA to play for the Clippers?

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Wrong, wrong and wrong. He let it be known on Thursday night that he intends to remain with Boston.

"I shared it with some of my teammates, as well as the organization ... if you guys will have me back, I plan on re-signing here next year," Kyrie told Celtics season-ticket holders during a Q&A at TD Garden.

Somebody else with a microphone (pretty sure it was Brian Scalabrine) then yelled, "Boom!" as fans erupted in applause.

Back in June, Kyrie smartly told reporters that it makes no sense financially to sign an extension with the Celtics this summer.

Why? Because next July, he will be eligible to sign a 5-year deal worth about $190 million. That's just good business.

Is it possible that Kyrie's plans change over the next nine months and he signs elsewhere? Of course.

But it appears that the five-time All-Star will play for the Celtics for a long time.


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