Lacob, Warriors front office at critical juncture


Lacob, Warriors front office at critical juncture

Warriors owner Joe Lacob and his front office findthemselves at an important juncture early in their tenure.The have the ability to spend money in free agency and alsopossess some pieces that make them a viable trade partner for other NBA teams.Only, now, theyve lost out on their No. 1 free agent target, Tyson Chandler,and they have no hope of landing Chris Paul.And free agency hasnt even begun yet. Doesnt start tillFriday.
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Lacob has talked for a year-and-a-half about boldness andrisk-taking, and theres now a tangible clamor from the fan base that itstime. And yet, now might be the best time to take a breath, re-assess andgather. At this point, you could make a case its the Warriors best course ofaction.If Lacobs goal is for the Warriors to improve enough thisyear to leapfrog four teams and get into the postseason, the best way toaccomplish that might simply be by adding a couple of role players to thecore.Thats not going to be as sexy as if the Warriors had signedChandler (heading to New York) or finagled a way to get Paul (traded to L.A.Lakers). But in the long run it might be the most effective way towardeventually being successful.Dont use the amnesty provision, dont overspend for a freeagent and dont make a trade to decimate your core. Allow new coach MarkJackson to coach the team for this abbreviated season and then better see whatyou have.Thats not the worst strategy in the world. After all, thereare worse things you could do. Remember Corey Maggette?The Warriors signed Maggette to a 50-million contract inthe wake of Baron Davis spurning them for the Clippers. That was back in 2008,and the Warriors spent the next couple of years trying to get Maggette offtheir books.The point is there are mistakes to be made right now andyou want to be sure not to make them.The nice position the Warriors are in is theyre still in agood spot with the cap and have a variety of different avenues they could theoreticallygo in. They could still get way under the cap, although there doesnt seem tobe a reason to now. Or they could get just get under in the amount they need totake a crack at a contributor or two.Maybe its signing Kwame Brown to split the center dutieswith Andris Biedrins. Perhaps you take a run at Milwaukees Luc Richard Mbah aMoute, every bit the defender Chandler is only not at the center position. Mbaha Moute is a restricted free agent, but the Bucks are reportedly adding MikeDunleavy and the Bucks arent exactly big spenders.Maybe you consider bringing Jason Richardson back givesyou some size in the backcourt, a steady veteran leader and more toughness andcompetitiveness overall.Are any of those three difference-makers? Of course not. Andif you acquire a player or two like that there will certainly be someeye-rolling around the Bay Are. But so what?Sure beats the alternative giving big-time money tosomeone whos not a big-time player.

2019 NBA All-Star Game live stream: How to watch online, on TV

2019 NBA All-Star Game live stream: How to watch online, on TV

It's Team LeBron versus Team Giannis. 

The 2019 NBA All-Star Game is here, and the Warriors are represented by three players -- Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. Curry will be the lone Warrior on Team Giannis, and Durant and Thompson will be together on Team LeBron. 

We've already ranked the top players in this year's All-Star Game. But who will put on the best show and leave with a win?

Steph fell short in a 3-Point Contest for the ages, so he's sure to be out for revenge, even against a Golden State duo. 

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Here's how you can watch Team LeBron take on Team Giannis in the 2019 NBA All-Star Game, both on TV and streaming live online.

When: 5 p.m. PT on Sunday, Feb. 17
Live Stream: fuboTV

Jayson Tatum's bold NBA Finals prediction for Celtics seems premature


Jayson Tatum's bold NBA Finals prediction for Celtics seems premature

Jayson Tatum evidently forgot the Golden State Warriors still play in the NBA.

The second-year Boston Celtics guard was feeling himself Saturday at NBA All-Star festivities. He won the All-Star Skills Challenge, then had something bold to say about his team’s chances in the second half of the season.

“We’re going to win the Finals this year,” Tatum said, via ESPN. “February 16th, Jayson Tatum said we’re going to win the finals this year.”

Weird flex, Jayson, but OK …

The trends don’t support Tatum’s assertion. First, the Celtics sit fourth in the ultra-competitive Eastern Conference, well behind the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors, so they’d have an uphill climb to come out of that side of the league. Oddsmakers don’t have much faith in that, while the Bucks and the Raptors’ odds have shot up significantly, per OddsShark.

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Should the Celtics overcome those odds, the Warriors likely would be waiting for them in the Finals. And even though Boston played Golden State tight last month at TD Garden, the rematch March 5 in Oakland will give us a much better look at where the Celtics are. After all, Boston probably would have to win a Finals game or two at Oracle Arena to fulfill Tatum’s vow.

Easier said than done.

Tatum is confident, which is great. What else is he supposed to say about his team? But there’s much more work ahead of the Celtics before they can talk about winning it all, especially with the back-to-back NBA champions most likely their final hurdle.