Barbosa loves Draymond, admits they had 'issues' at times


When Leandro Barbosa joined the Warriors in 2014, Draymond Green was entering his third year in the NBA and coming into his own. The fiery Green always has been known to have a loud personality, and Barbosa remembers it well.

When asked if Green was a big talker on the court back when Barbosa first joined the Dubs, his answer was a resounding, "yes."

"All the time, all the time," Barbosa said about Draymond's talking on the latest episode of the Runnin' Plays Podcast.

"But a little less. Because I was the vet, and after me it was Shaun (Livingston), and Iggy (Andre Iguodala), so he would talk, but he knew when he should be quiet. But now he's really a talker, he's been talking a lot like he's always been." 

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It is no secret that Green has often gotten under the skin of opponents, but he also has gone after his own teammates from time to time.

"We had a couple issues on the court sometimes," Barbosa explained, "and the next thing you see is we were hugging each other. We are family, it happens."

The world has seen or heard about the major blow-ups that Green has had in the past with Kevin Durant, as well as head coach Steve Kerr. Yet Barbosa recalls that one player he had to pull aside to support from Draymond's fire was Klay Thompson.


"You just got to understand how Draymond is, so he does not get in your mind and you don't get to play. He did that a lot of times when I was here with Klay, and I used to tell Klay 'keep shooting, don't worry about him, you're a shooter, you're here to catch and shoot, so keep doing it. Don't worry what he tells you, or what he's talking to you, just play the game'."

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From the outside, stories like these could make Green look like a bully that picks on his teammates. But Barbosa wanted to reassure everyone that it all comes from a competitive and constructive place.

"[Draymond] is the leader, do not get me wrong. He is the leader. He's the guy that talks with everyone, and everybody knows that."

"I love Draymond."