LeBron's 2008 prediction on Steph's career right on point


Talk about speaking it into existence.

The NBA's Twitter account unearthed an old clip of LeBron James, whose Los Angeles Lakers will be taking on Steph Curry and the Warriors on Monday night, speaking about Curry's talent while he was still in college playing with the Davidson Wildcats.

"I think he knows how to play the game of basketball of course, being the son of a former NBA player, Dell Curry, he was taught well how to play the game of basketball, so he has the talent," James said. "He's good. I was impressed, played really good against a very very very tough Wisconsin, and I think we all know how tough Wisconsin defenses are. He shattered them."

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LeBron is referencing the 2008 NCAA Tournament, when Steph went for 33 points on 6-of-11 shooting from behind the arc, as he led No. 10 seed Davidson to a Sweet 16 win over No. 3 seed Wisconsin.

James had some experience watching Curry play in person during his college career, as he sat in on a game in Charlotte, N.C. between Davidson and North Carolina State. LeBron was brought out of his chair at one point by Curry's remarkable shooting ability.

Curry went back to school for one more season before being drafted by the Warriors in 2009 at No. 7 overall.

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"Knowing how to play the game of basketball" might be the understatement of the year (see what I did there), as Curry is a two-time NBA MVP and has led the Warriors to a trio of NBA titles, re-writing the league's record books on 3-point shooting in the process.


In four of Curry's five Finals appearances, he has played against James, beating him in each series aside from 2016. Both also are natives of Akron, Ohio, and even were born in the same hospital.

As they say, game recognizes game.