LeBron thinks travel, Draymond non-call 'funny' in Dubs' win

Lakers' LeBron James

LeBron James wasn't mad after the Warriors beat his Los Angeles Lakers 115-113 Monday night, but something was funny to him.

The reigning NBA Finals MVP was none too pleased to be called for a travel with 1:51 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Lakers down by two. Just 12 seconds later, Draymond Green was not called when he appeared to travel on the opposing end, giving the Warriors a 112-108 lead.

"I don't know. I seen 'em on replays, and it was the move I've been making pretty much my whole career," James told reporters in a postgame video conference. "If that's the call that's gonna be called travel, then I'd like to see it across the whole board. Every game, consistent like that.

"It's so funny because the very next play, Draymond gets into the lane and slides his foot, and it's not called and the same official [who] called me for travel is right there on the play, and told me he didn't travel. That's definitely something that I gotta be more leery about, but I have not been called for travel like that in my career."

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Green's controversial bucket extended the Warriors' fourth-quarter lead rather than create it, and it counted for two of 34 points Golden State scored in the final frame. The Lakers led by 11 after the third quarter, but they shot just 31.6 percent from the field -- and 11.1 percent from 3 -- over the game's final 12 minutes.


The Lakers scored just four fast-break points on the night, all of which were scored in the first half. The Warriors' fourth-quarter onslaught, according to James, prevented the Lakers from being more effective in transition. 

"I think at times, including myself, we settled for the perimeter shot in transition instead of attacking to the rim. But we've been pretty good at that all year, and ... we would love to be in transition more but you gotta get stops to be in transition. And in the fourth quarter, they did a good job of not allowing us to get too many stops."

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James scored the third-fewest points of any game this season (19) and shot his second-worst field-goal percentage (37.5), and coughing up his second-most turnovers (five) against a season-low five assists. Neither he nor Anthony Davis crossed the 20-point plateau.

Like James' fourth-quarter travel call, that's not something you see every day, but the Warriors will take it.