Magic reacts to Warriors' play-in loss in way only he can

Magic Johnson

If Magic Johnson remained president of the Los Angeles Lakers, he wouldn't be able to drop gems like this to the basketball-loving masses.

Johnson, never one to bury the lede, summarized as only he could the Warriors' last-minute loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in Wednesday's play-in game. If Johnson hadn't resigned as the Lakers' president two years ago, you might've never gotten to read it.

“The fines and the tampering and the this and the that, I can’t help young men who want me to help them, or I can’t tweet out," Johnson told reporters when he resigned from the Lakers' front office on April 9, 2019.

"Like Russell Westbrook, that was a great feat the other day. I couldn’t even tweet it out to say, ‘Hey, congratulations.’ If I had did that, everyone would have said, ‘He’s tampering.’ I don’t like that. I like to be free.”

During a six-month span in 2017-18, Johnson was fined $50,000 twice for praising players who weren't Lakers at the time. He again was fined for tampering when he revealed Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons reached out to Johnson for advice, and there was the Anthony Davis Saga that preceded his summer 2019 trade to the Lakers.

Now freed of the burdens of not being able to tweet about whomever he wants in the NBA, Johnson is able to chime in with observations like these.

There are few who have mastered the art of Twitter like Johnson.


Does he tweet obvious things? Yes, almost exclusively.

Is it clear he's having way more fun doing that than he ever did running the Lakers? Yes, absolutely.

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Frankly, you'd probably have way more fun tweeting than working in an NBA front office if your social-media experience was as wholesome as Johnson's.

That sounds -- dare I say -- magical.