Why Draymond's 'We Believe' comments didn't offend Matt Barnes

Draymond Green Matt Barnes

The 2006-07 "We Believe" Warriors became the first No. 8 seed in NBA playoff history to knock off a No. 1 seed in a seven-game series.

Hey, former Warriors forward Matt Barnes -- does that squad remind you of this year's Golden State team?

"Absolutely not," Barnes said Wednesday on ESPN's "The Jump" show. "This team is coming off a dynasty -- three championships. All you're seeing right now out of Golden State is what you're supposed to see. They're getting hot at the right time.

"I completely agree with Draymond [Green]. We're not offended by it. He's right."

On Tuesday -- right after the Warriors had knocked off the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns on back-to-back nights -- Draymond was asked for his response to the idea that the 2020-21 Warriors are "We Believe 2.0."

The three-time NBA champion made his feelings very clear.

"I love the 'We Believe' team," Draymond said. "Matt B, Stack Jack [Stephen Jackson], BD [Baron Davis] -- all those guys. But they had their thing [and] we got ours. The 'We Believe' days are over.

"We won three championships. I'm not part of no 'We Believe' team. And that's no disrespect to the OGs that came before me. I love those guys and what they started here.

"No disrespect to them at all. But no, we're not no 'We Believe 2.0.' We got f--king Steph Curry on our team. You crazy."

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This answer could not have been more incredible, and yours truly 100 percent shares Draymond's sentiment.

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