Dallas Mavericks forward Dwight Powell tore his right Achilles tendon Jan. 21.

Three days later, the Mavs acquired Willie Cauley-Stein from the Warriors in exchange for a 2020 second-round draft pick.

That selection is expected to land in the mid 50s because it's the Utah Jazz's pick, and they currently boast the fifth-best record in the NBA.

According to Mavs owner Mark Cuban, it was a great deal for his franchise.

From the Warriors' perspective -- they didn't possess a 2020 second-round pick (coincidentally enough, the Mavs have it from the Andrew Bogut trade in July 2016) but now do.

They also were able to create a guaranteed open roster spot for next season because Cauley-Stein has a 2020-21 player option that he could have exercised.

In addition:

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Cauley-Stein made his Mavs debut Tuesday night -- recording four points, three rebounds, two steals and one assist in a little over 12 minutes off the bench.

In the end, the trade just might work out very well for both sides.

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