Kellerman still says 'I want Iguodala' after Andre's clutch three


To this day, Max Kellerman wants one guy and one guy only shooting an important shot when it matters most. With the fate of the universe on the line and everything, his guy is Warriors forward Andre Iguodala. 

Flashback to Game 2 of the 2019 NBA Finals, where Iguodala hit a game-sealing 3-pointer against the Toronto Raptors to tie the series at one game apiece. 

The next morning, ESPN's Max Kellerman went on "First Take," where he praised Iguodala with a memorable quote. 

"I want Iguodala," Kellerman said. "That's right. And I know what that sounds like. And it's not fair to Steph because so much defensive attention is paid to him. And I'm not saying Steph's not a better shooter -- he's a way better shooter.

"Iguodala's got ice water in his veins ... high-leverage moment -- fate of the universe on the line -- open shot ... I want Iguodala taking that shot for me."

Fast forward to the Warriors' 123-116 win over the Utah Jazz on Saturday, Iguodala hit another clutch 3-pointer, which warranted another response from Kellerman on ESPN's "This Just In" Monday morning. 

"And let me tell you fools something," Kellerman said. "I still do! My point was that everyone on the Warriors at the time, fate of the universe on the line, I said it at the time very clearly I don't know why people don't understand. You don't have to get your own shot, just an open look.


"This is not about how well you shoot, it's about what's in your veins, is it ice water? Who has won more Finals MVPs, Andre Iguodala or Steph Curry? Because the answer is Iguodala ... I'm saying with the money on the line, what type of player are you? Are you a clutch player? Andre Iguodala is not a great shooter, Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all time. When it matters most, I want Iguodala."

Heard loud and clear. 

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When the fate of the universe is on the line, it's clear who Kellerman wants at that moment.