After capturing his third straight NBA championship and third straight NBA Finals MVP in 1993, Michael Jordan retired from the NBA.

The GOAT made his triumphant return to the Chicago Bulls on March 19, 1995, when he recorded 19 points (7-for-28 FG), six rebounds, six assists and three steals in 43 minutes.

But before he suited up in a game, he had to get in some work on the practice court. That apparently included one memorable workout with the Warriors.

In NBC Sports Chicago's 30-minute documentary "I'm Back," Golden State Hall of Famer Chris Mullin shared the story:

"I think we had Tim Hardaway and Latrell Sprewell at that point in time. They might have been popping off a little bit. Michael said, 'Mully, let's go -- get me your gear.'

"He went to my locker -- put my gear on -- and went out there and basically single-handedly beat the Warriors down by himself. And that's when I was like, 'This guy is coming back.'"

That's some legendary stuff right there.

Jordan did come back -- winning three more titles, three more NBA Finals MVPs and two more regular-season MVPs.

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He retired again in 1998, and un-retired again in 2001 as he played two final seasons with the Washington Wizards.

No word on if he practiced against members of the 2001-02 Warriors (who went 21-61) prior to returning. 

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