MJ, Steph talk competitiveness, hatred of losing at Ryder Cup

Steph Curry, Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and Steph Curry. The undisputed NBA GOAT and the undisputed GOAT shooter. Two MVPs, champions and superstars. And two lovers of golf.

The Hall of Famer and the Warriors' star sat down for an exclusive interview on NBC at the Ryder Cup this weekend and discussed their passion for golf and their ultracompetitiveness.

Jordan is known as a maniacal competitor, while Curry’s competitive fire, though more understated, burns just as deeply.

In discussing how much they love winning -- and hate losing -- both Jordan and Curry shared similar sentiments.

“Losing is just the worst feeling in life, at anything,” Curry said. “Cards. Golf. Basketball. Whatever it is.”

“I hate losing. I mean, it’s not even a question,” Jordan responded. “But I do respect losing, because losing is a part of winning. You’re never going to just win. You’ve got to lose to win.”

The two basketball legends also discussed playing at home as opposed to on the road, with the context of playing in the Ryder Cup. This year’s Ryder Cup was held at Whistling Straits in Haven, Wisc. The Ryder Cup alternates locations every two years between golf courses in the United States and Europe. 

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Steph started to ask MJ which type of atmosphere he would prefer -- the roar of the home fans or quieting them on the road -- but Curry cut himself off before Jordan could start, knowing the answer.


“I know,” Curry said. “I just want to hear it.”

Jordan, of course, relished the feeling of playing away from home.

"I'd rather play on the road ... I always loved playing on the road because it minimized my thought process and I could focus on my craft."

The United States went on to beat Europe 19-9 in the Ryder Cup, the worst defeat for the Europeans in the history of the event. 

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