Mike Brown reveals what David West told Steve Kerr about the big man trolling the media


Mike Brown reveals what David West told Steve Kerr about the big man trolling the media

OK. This story most likely will be put to bed right now.

After the Warriors swept the Cavs in the NBA Finals, David West turned some heads when he said this:

"We dealt with some things internally. When you guys find out about that (stuff), y’all are going to trip. I’m serious. Y’all are going to trip."

Well, the media did "trip" somewhat because it's not every day you hear a player say something like that.

Back in mid-June, Kevon Looney was asked about West's comments, and he laughed. 

"D-West always likes to mess with the media," Looney declared.

On Wednesday, Mike Brown was a guest on The Full 48 Podcast with Howard Beck and took it one step further.

"There's no deep, dark secret," the Warriors assistant coach said. "We had our ups and downs throughout the course of the year, just like any other team. We were able to get through them.

"Steve (Kerr) asked David or talked to David about it, and David was like, 'I was joking (laughter). I just wanted to stir the pot a little bit.' And he sure enough did. There's nothing to it."

It's official, folks. Nothing to see here!

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Watch sneak peek of ex-Warriors coach don Nelson on HBO 'Real Sports'

Watch sneak peek of ex-Warriors coach don Nelson on HBO 'Real Sports'

Former Warriors coach Don Nelson made his former players laugh back in February when he revealed how he was keeping busy in retirement.

"Yeah, I've been smoking some pot," Nelson told reporters in Oakland. "But! But I never smoked when I played or coached, so it's new to me. But anyway, I'm doing that, and I'm having a pretty good time. It's more legal now than it's ever been, so I'm enjoying that."

It turns out Nelson might have undersold his post-coaching habits.

In an interview that will air Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET during HBO's "Real Sports," he told Bryant Gumbel that he smokes marijuana every day and compared growing it -- and other plants -- on his Hawaii farm to raising a child. 

"You've gotta treat it like a baby," Nelson said with a laugh. "You've gotta water 'em. You've gotta have music for them. You've gotta bless them when you go in. ... It's a whole process, I'm telling you!" 

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Nelson, 79, played 13 NBA seasons and coached for another 31. Last year, he told The New York Times that using marijuana medicinally helps him "deal with the pain without pain pills, and helps with that stress," revealing he began growing a self-named strain of marijuana called "Nellie Kush." Hawaii became the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 2000, expanding its program in 2016.

Andre Iguodala predicts Warriors will keep Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson

Andre Iguodala predicts Warriors will keep Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson

Warriors forward Andre Iguodala went on CNBC's Power Lunch on Monday to discuss investing and his new book, "The Sixth Man."

Near the end of the segment, though, the 2015 NBA Finals MVP was asked how Golden State will look next season.

"We're gonna be good, actually," Iguodala said. "We're flying under the radar because we had some devastating injuries. But we got the top training staff in sports. They'll have Klay back in February, March. KD might miss the whole season.

"But for him, it's good to get away from the game ..."

The host, Tyler Mathisen, interjected and asked where KD and Klay will sign in free agency.

"I think they'll both be back with the Golden State Warriors," Iguodala answered. "We all keep it real. We're like brothers. We keep in contact. But regardless of any of that -- if both did decide to leave -- they would still be my brothers. I would still keep in contact with them as much as possible.

"I just wish the best for both of those guys as they come back full strength."

The two-time NBA Finals MVP isn't going to the Knicks?

"Nobody's going to the Knicks, sorry," Iguodala said before smiling. "At least my guys aren't."

Well, well, well.

The positive spin from a Warriors perspective is that Iguodala didn't say, "I don't know" in regards to KD's future.

The whole world expects Klay to be back in the Bay. But with Durant, the speculation has been New York -- either the Knicks or the Nets -- and very few people are predicting that he will re-sign with the Dubs.

The situation is fluid, and you'll probably read and/or hear 100 different takes and opinions between now and the start of NBA free agency Sunday.

The reality is nobody knows what will happen at this point. And it's possible Durant himself still hasn't made a decision.

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As Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report wrote on Monday morning:

"Whatever Kevin is planning to do," says one league executive who has known Durant since he entered the NBA, "he is going to change his mind at least 25 times before he actually does it."

You've probably changed your mind over 25 times when predicting what will happen, right?

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