Mike Brown's Chase Center scooter commute is a joy to Warriors assistant coach


Mike Brown's Chase Center scooter commute is a joy to Warriors assistant coach

Mike Brown lives a few minutes from Chase Center, an easy walk to work.

He decided he’d rather go in style.

The Warriors assistant coach bought a battery-charged scooter with a top speed of about 30 mph. It has a bright headlight, a tail light and a clip-on cell-phone holder, and it folds for easy storage. He proudly parks his scooter in the Chase Center garage, next to the players’ Porsches and BMWs.

Brown's two sons inspired the purchase. They use rental scooters that you can locate around San Francisco via an app, but they discovered it can be hard to find them in their neighborhood. So, at the end of July, Mike bought two scooters for them, and he decided he wanted to give it a try, too.

“I took one out and I had so much fun,” Brown said ahead of the Warriors' Saturday night debut in their new arena. “I don’t just ride it to the Chase Center. It’s my mode of transportation around the city. I go to restaurants with my scooter. I go to the grocery store with my scooter.”

The first time he took the scooter out, Brown said, “I must admit, I didn’t have a helmet with me.” A neighbor noticed Brown ready to leave, and she scolded him. He tells the story with a big smile, explaining that he stammered: “Uhh, uhh, uhh, it’s inside. I’ll go get it real quick!” He’s never forgotten his helmet since.

Brown is so in love with his scooter that word has gotten out beyond the Warriors. He talked to Wizards coach Scott Brooks about scooting to work, because Brooks lives close to Capital One Arena in Washington DC.

“I said Scotty, I got these two scooters, you would love them!" Brown said. "I sent him the information, and supposedly he’s going to get a couple scooters in Washington.”

Brooks replied: “I told him, if he will buy me one, I’d use it. I rent them quite a bit. ... My son has convinced me I don’t have to walk everywhere. Jump on one of these scooters. Mike Brown has it right.”

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Riding around town, Brown can tell he’s getting a few double-takes. He said a driver at a red light recognized him -- “I was surprised because I had my sunglasses on, my helmet on, my backpack on” -- and yelled: “COACH BROWN! WHAT’S UP?”

“Usually by the time someone recognizes me, I’m gone,” Brown said.

If you’re curious about the best ways to get to the Chase Center, including for Saturday night's preseason opener against the Lakers, click here.

Thanks to Candace Buckner, the NBA writer for the Washington Post, for help with this story.

Giannis' NBA All-Star Game block on LeBron James had Steph Curry hyped


Giannis' NBA All-Star Game block on LeBron James had Steph Curry hyped

Here's a sentence I didn't think I would write Sunday: Officiating decisions in the NBA All-Star Game brought out plenty of passion.

Not just for degenerate gamblers, mind you. The NBA's format change, where the winner had to score 24 more points (in honor of Kobe Bryant) in the fourth quarter than the leading score of the third, led to one of the best finishes to an All-Star Game in recent memory. The All-Stars brought it on defense, with Kyle Lowry drawing multiple offensive fouls. The intensity was perhaps best defined by Giannis Antetokounmpo guarding fellow All-Star captain and namesake LeBron James in isolation. 

Antetokounmpo's block on James originally was ruled a goaltend, prompting vehement disagreement from injured Warriors star Steph Curry watching with his wife Ayesha on vacation. Steph's reaction, posted on Ayesha's Instagram story, was catnip for Giannis-to-the-Warriors truthers. 

"Review it!" Curry, who played for Team Giannis in the 2019 NBA All-Star Game, shouted. "That's not goaltending!"

Curry hasn't played since breaking his left hand just before Halloween, but the two-time MVP sent Warriors fans into a speculative frenzy when he appeared to say "Let's do it" to Antetokounmpo after Bucks beat the Dubs at Chase Center last month. Curry insisted he wasn't recruiting another lanky swingman, telling Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes he talked to Antetokounmpo about playing "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds."

Antetokounmpo, in case you haven't heard, can become an unrestricted free agent in 2021. Teams reportedly already are clearing the decks ahead of his free agency, including the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors. NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole wrote last month that the Warriors will be among the Greek superstar's suitors and do all they can to clear enough salary-cap space beforehand. 

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There are hurdles to clear. The Warriors already have four players (Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins) signed to max contracts, for one. They can't exactly bet on the same salary-cap spike that left enough room to sign Kevin Durant in 2016, either, considering the league's television contracts are a half-decade away from expiring and commissioner Adam Silver said the NBA expects to lose "hundreds of millions" of dollars China's backlash to Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey's support of Hong Kong protestors. 

Still, after seeing Sunday's shockingly competitive fourth quarter (this was an All-Star Game, after all), anything is possible in the NBA. 

Pascal Siakam jokes about using box-and-1 defense in NBA All-Star Game


Pascal Siakam jokes about using box-and-1 defense in NBA All-Star Game

Pascal Siakam was ready to pull from the playbook his Toronto Raptors used to try to slow down Warriors guard Steph Curry ... in Sunday's NBA All-Star Game? 

Kawhi Leonard, Siakam's former Raptors teammate, channeled Curry at the United Center on Sunday. The 2019 NBA Finals MVP made eight 3-pointers Sunday, and a mic'd-up Siakam joked that the Nick Nurse-coached Team Giannis would turn to a strategy Nurse's Raptors briefly used against Curry last June: The box-and-1 defense. 

"No more 3s, bro!" Siakam joked. 

"Y'all gonna deny me?" Leonard laughed. 


The Raptors used the strategy against Curry in Game 2 of the NBA Finals after Klay Thompson left with an injury. Kevin Durant hadn't returned at that point, either, leaving Curry as the Warriors' best -- and, arguably, only -- offensive option. 

Curry was held off the scoresheet in that fourth quarter, and the two-time MVP didn't attempt a single shot. He called the defense "janky" after the Warriors' win to even the series, but the Raptors again used the box-and-1 in a Game 4 win and kept Curry occupied with multiple defenders all series. The Warriors' depleted roster didn't help matters, but the Raptors' containment of Curry -- along with Leonard's MVP performance -- allowed Toronto to win its first NBA title. 

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Siakam's joke didn't come to fruition Sunday, and it might not have worked anyway. Leonard led Team LeBron to a 157-155 All-Star Game win under the new format, scoring a game-high 30 points and winning the first-ever Kobe Bryant All-Star Game MVP. 

The fourth quarter got pretty competitive Sunday, with the All-Stars playing to a set score -- "first to 157," just as you did growing up -- rather than counting down the clock. Raptors guard Kyle Lowry even took multiple charges! We'll have to wait until (at least) next year to see if that competitiveness extends to truly employing a Steph-stopping defense.