Monta believes Klay's return will be 'scary' for other teams


Klay Thompson’s highly-anticipated return to the Warriors' lineup is right around the corner -- and the NBA world is ready. 

But former Warriors guard Monta Ellis sent out a warning to the rest of the league, saying Klay’s comeback will be “scary” for other teams. 

Although an exact date is unknown at this time, Thompson said during an Instagram live on Dec. 3 that his return could be in a few weeks or a month. And whether Christmas comes early this year for Dub Nation or not, it’s safe to say Klay’s return is coming soon. 

“That's going to be scary for other teams because of how they are playing right now,” Ellis told 95.7 The Game’s “Steiny and Guru” on Friday. “But you can tell he's determined to get back. He's doing it the right way, not trying to rush back too fast.”

Golden State won 18 of its first 20 games to start the season, Steph Curry is the front-runner for NBA MVP and Draymond Green leads the Defensive Player of the Year conversation. 

And adding Klay into the mix could make the Warriors even more of a threat.

The 31-year-old sharp-shooter played a huge part in Golden State’s five consecutive NBA Finals appearances and three championships, but it’s been more than two years since he has competed on an NBA court. 


Thompson tore his ACL during Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals and hasn’t played since. 

“I know sometimes it gets frustrating when you really, really [want to play], like my moped accident,” Ellis said. “Like to me, I was ready three months before they actually let me play the first game. Me and the organization had a little headbutting with that situation because I was ready to play the game of basketball and they were like 'Nah, we're just going to sit here and check you out’. It's hard for me to watch it and I know it's hard for him to watch it. 

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“So he's doing everything he can to get back. You can tell he's doing it the right way though. And the organization is handling it the right way, not trying to rush him back too fast. Especially when they're starting out the season the way they are.”

Ellis, who battled a handful of injuries over the years -- including his infamous ankle sprain suffered in a moped accident -- offered a piece of advice to Klay. 

“The only thing I can tell him is, just keep working hard, stay focused and not try to overdo too much to where you can set yourself back. Just keep working hard and get strong, you going to be all right," Ellis said. 

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